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Mailbutler Business is your one-stop shop for productivity enhancements for your team's email communication.

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Mailbutler Business is used by many great companies, including:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Pixfuture
  • Soprism
  • Orange

Email Tracking

With Mailbutler Business' email tracking you always know when, where, how often, and with what kind of device a message has been opened. The same information is provided for whether a link has been clicked or an attached file has been downloaded.

Stay informed with tracking

Contact Details

Mailbutler Business provides details about the person you are communicating with. This includes name, age, affiliations and social media profiles.
It can also forward your messages to your preferred CRM tool, such as Salesforce, Pipedrive or others. By this, you are always up-to-date about earlier correspondences with your customers.

Get insight about your customers


Mailbutler Business provides even more for teams. Team managers can easily assign roles to their team and analyze its activity through usage statistics. Text snippets, custom signature templates and message templates can be shared among team members easily.

  • Team Management
  • Team Statistics
  • Template Sharing
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Custom Signature Templates

Mailbutler Business allows to fully customize your email signature templates. Create beautiful signatures matching your corporate design and automatically share these signature templates among your team.

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"I find Mailbutler a fantastic product, which optimizes my working day, saving me lots of hours and helping me concentrate on the most important tasks."

Pedro Velasco Mendoza,
Technical Director / GPG Soluciones Gráficas

"Mailbutler Business literally revolutionised our teamwork, making things so much easier for everyone, and increasing productivity of the team in general, and of each member in particular."

Tom Schlander,
CEO / maconcept.

All Features

Mailbutler Business includes features from all three plans, Essential, Professional, and Business. This includes our highly renowned features Tracking, Scheduling, Message Templates and Tasks.


  • Undo Send
  • Attachment Upload
  • Attachment Reminder
  • Avatar Images
  • Unsubscribe


  • Snooze
  • Send Later
  • Open Tracking
  • Notes & Tasks
  • Follow-Up
  • Signatures
  • Message Templates
  • Snippets


  • BCC to CRM
  • Link Tracking
  • Tracking Details
  • Custom Signature Templates
  • Public Notes & Tasks
  • Contact Details
  • Shared Signature Templates
  • Shared Message Templates