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Mailbutler is an email extension that provides a collection of features for your inbox. Because Mailbutler integrates directly into your email client, there’s no need to learn how to use any new software – it’s quick and easy to get started right away. Mailbutler helps you to become more productive; scroll down to see all its features and find out how.

Email Tracking

With Mailbutler’s Email Tracking feature, you can get important information about all of your sent emails. See when and how often your emails were opened, and where your recipient was when they opened it, as well as which device they opened your message on.

Send Later

Don’t want to send your email immediately? With Mailbutler you can write your email now and send it at a specific time in the future. This allows you to work on your emails when you have time and send them at the optimal time. Perfect for people who like to work late at night or communicate with clients in different time zones and don’t want to appear unprofessional.


Mailbutler’s signature generator provides a collection of premade email signature templates into which you can simply enter your details and get started with immediately. You don’t need any design or coding skills, and all our signatures are fully responsive, so they look great on any device. For those who want a little more control, you can customize fonts, colours, logos and more to match your corporate identity.

Undo Send

Sent a message and realised you’ve made a mistake or forgotten an attachment? With Mailbutler’s Undo Send feature you can recall a sent email before it’s been delivered and correct any errors you may have made. All your sending emails are stored in your inbox until you’ve made any required edits, and you can set your own delay times so give yourself plenty of time to check over your emails.

Find more features below

Notes and Tasks

Never forget to take action again by adding notes and tasks to your emails and contacts.

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Email Templates

Use a ready-made template or create your own and insert it into your email in just a few clicks. Get metrics on how well each template is performing.

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Add notes and tasks to your contacts, get predictions for the best time to reach them, and see an overview of your company's conversation history with a contact.

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Follow-up Reminder

Always remember to follow up on an email by setting yourself a reminder for whenever you want in the future.

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Prioritize communication and manage your inbox effectively by temporarily hiding your emails.

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Keep all your customer information in one place by sending an automatic blind carbon copy to your customer relationship management tool.

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Attachment Reminder

Get a pop up reminding you to attach that important document based on rules you can set yourself.

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Share notes, tasks, contacts, templates and signatures across your whole team to improve communication and ensure your team members are always on brand.

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Hollie Barac

Hollie Barac

Accountability and Productivity Partner
Without a doubt, I recommend Mailbutler. It’s revolutionized my inbox.
Liviu Tanase

Liviu Tanase

CEO of ZeroBounce
Whatever app you use to stay productive and organized, you can easily add Mailbutler to your workflow.
Craig Bowman

Craig Bowman

President of Common Ground Consulting
Mailbutler’s support feels personal and it’s what sets them apart from so many other companies.
Nick Kyriakides

Nick Kyriakides

Founder of NK Films, Post-Production Artist, Freelancer of the year
I would highly recommend Mailbutler for anyone who, like me, works with international clients or has a flexible schedule.

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