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4 best practices for email signature marketing

Think an email signature is right for your company but not sure how to create a perfect one? Mailbutler is here to help.

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    By James

    James has five years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Are you making the most out of your email signature? The truth is, a lot of businesses don’t know how powerful email signatures are for marketing purposes, let alone how to create one which actually converts well. Email signatures are especially great for lead generation and increasing brand awareness, and are an essential part of any email marketing strategy. So without further ado, here are Mailbutler’s four top tips for email signature marketing.

    Create email signatures with Mailbutler

    Banners are your friend

    What’s the best CTA to include in an email signature? A plain text hyperlink? A CTA button? No and no. The highest engagement rate is to be found in the wonderful banner. Among both existing customers and prospective clients, a good-looking banner is the best way to get a clickthrough and win new leads. So why not include one? Instead of having to remember to throw a banner into each message automation or cold email you send out, include one in your signature and it’ll always be there, clearly visible at the bottom of the page, not intruding in the email or breaking the flow of the copy. Lovely.

    Keep it simple

    Adding too much information to your email signature is always a mistake. For marketing campaigns, focus on just one single marketing message that you want to promote. Don’t try and stuff several different CTAs or messages into one signature. Remember, you can always simply make a second signature to promote your other marketing campaign! (See point 4.)

    The same goes for the actual content of your signature. After already having read your email, your recipient doesn’t want to trawl through two paragraphs of your email signature – they want to see your name, where you work, and where they can go for more information. Standard advice on an email signature is no more than seven lines – and even that’s pretty long – and to only include really relevant stuff. Make sure you have your contact details and a link or two included, of course, but don’t add every social media network you’ve ever signed up to, your fax number, and your cat’s middle name. It’s unnecessary information which, if needed, can be shared later after the recipient has got in touch with you.

    Give your recipients somewhere to click

    You’ve written a great email, your recipient is convinced, and your marketing message was successful – but they want more information. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten to include the CTA to your campaign in your email. But it’s not a problem, because all they have to do is click on the link in your signature to head straight to your website, or email you back, or check out your social media profile. A great way to do this is to include a marketing banner next to your website address that links directly to a landing page relevant to your marketing campaign. This landing page should provide your recipient with all the relevant information to your marketing campaign, including a place to take a next step, such as registering for your service.

    This is why including links in your signature – such as a banner – is so important. Firstly, it means if you ever forget a link in the body of your email, there’s always somewhere your recipient can click through; and secondly, it’s a great place to convince people who might not want to click on your email’s CTA that there are other places they can go to continue engaging with your company.

    Have more than one email signature

    You aren’t the same as your colleague, or your partner, or your grandma, so why assume your recipients are? Using the same signature for all outgoing messages is a common mistake, as people are different and will react to different things. Try creating tailored signatures for each persona, team, department, company, or demographic. This personalization can have a really interesting effect on your click-through rates and general engagement and is also a great way to test out different email signatures so you can find the one that performs best.

    Another great reason to have multiple signatures is, as already mentioned in this article, to be able to send out multiple marketing campaigns, each of which has its own dedicated email signature. Having several different signatures lets you customize your marketing banner to fit the needs of the campaign you’re promoting, and these different banners can link to separate landing pages, increasing your chances of success.

    Your signature is only as good as the user’s journey

    So you’ve taken our advice and made a brilliant, good-looking signature, personalized to your recipient, and with the relevant marketing banner in place. Unfortunately, the banner links to a shoddy landing page that couldn’t convince a dog to chase a ball. It doesn’t matter how good your signature is – your end result is to a get a conversion, which you won’t achieve if your user journey isn’t as good as it can absolutely be.

    Ask yourself exactly what your recipient should do after they click on your banner and end up on your landing page. Make sure it’s intuitive and easy for them to take the next step. Also think about what questions they might have after they’ve left their inbox and headed to your website, and try and answer them before they even are able to think about them to show you’ve always got the customer in mind. Your marketing banner and marketing email signature are only successful when your landing page is optimised!

    Use email signatures easily with Mailbutler

    Find it too much work to include banners and company logos in your signature? Don’t want to keep having to change your signature depending on your audience? With Signatures from Mailbutler, you can design, share, and sync signature designs with your team for hassle-free management. All members of your team can use the same signature so everyone stays on brand. We also have an easy-to-use custom signature builder so you can perfect your message sign off, and all your signatures can be instantly inserted into any message right from your compose window in just a few clicks. Finally, using our Email Tracking feature, you can see track when, where, and how often your email or signature link has been opened. Try it out for free today for 14 days.

    Create email signatures with Mailbutler

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