Inbox Zero on Apple Mail in no Time!

Mailbutler Snooze is without any doubt a pure productivity feature. It helps you to better manage your time spent answering emails, and reach Inbox Zero.

The easiest way to get to Inbox Zero

Important incoming emails often get lost, if you don’t answer them right away. They drop down quickly to the bottom of your inbox, replaced by lots of new messages. No wonder that they get forgotten if the inbox is overloaded.

Our solution? Snooze it on Mailbutler.

Mailbutler’s solution: Snooze

If you want to deal with the email later, just press the Snooze button, and set up the time, when you want to get back to it: be it in several hours, or at the beginning of the next workday.

After that the email will be hidden from your inbox and moved back to the top later, right at your preferred time. Snoozed emails will also be available for you the entire time in a special folder.

Download Mailbutler for free and achieve Inbox Zero easily.

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  • puntorosso

    This is really a killer feature!
    It could be really a perfect solution for an inbox-zero, and a great “to-do” for email’s addicted.
    The only problem is that it won’t allow you to choose the snooze date/time. For some reason the developer decided that if you don’t want to answer this email now, you will have to do it at least the next working day 🙁
    Can’t say why they took this path, but let’s hope it will be changed by the next update.

    • Feingeist

      Hello, thanks for the feedback. We will add more snooze modes and a custom mode soon.

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