“Mailbutler really has revolutionized my inbox” – A statement by James Smith

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    By Tiffany

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    I’m James, a Consultant working out of New York.

    As a Consultant, clear and frequent communications with my clients as well as my team are of the utmost importance.

    Even before the pandemic, however, I was finding that regular email just was not enough to keep up with my busy schedule. Keeping track of important information quickly became complex and I found that I was constantly checking and re-checking my inbox to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything.

    So I set out to find a solution, and I can honestly say that Mailbutler has completely changed the way I feel about emailing.

    I regularly use the Notes and Tasks features to organize my to-dos and create them for my team as well. They mean that I can instantly forward all of the relevant information to a team member for a task, or save it for myself for later viewing.

    The Snooze feature has come in extremely handy. I often receive emails from clients at inopportune moments, but now I can simply snooze them until a time later that day when I know I will be ready to handle them.

    Similarly, the follow-up reminder means that even if my client loses my email or forgets to reply, I never will. And on the flip side, I am always able to schedule my emails to go out to my clients at the best time for them using the Optimized Scheduling feature.

    And that is all to say without even mentioning the obvious benefits of having my custom-made email templates and signatures ready at the click of a button.

    Normally I don’t buy much into tag lines, but I have to say: Mailbutler really has revolutionized my inbox!

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