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Transforming business strategies with Sygnific: an interview with Enrico Ferri

In this interview, Mailbutler talks to Sygnific owner Enrico Ferri about his company, his daily work life and how he uses Mailbutler to optimize his inbox management.

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    By María

    María studied International Business, with a focus on Marketing. In her spare time she likes traveling with her friends, recording videos for her channel and trying out new restaurants.

    Enrico Ferri is the principal owner of Sygnific FZ-LLC. He is a business development professional with a history of working in the construction industry. In this interview, he talks to us about his company, his daily work life and how he uses Mailbutler to optimize his inbox management.

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    Enrico, we’re so happy to have the chance to talk to you today. Let’s start right away with some easy questions! The first thing I do in the morning before I start working is…

    Clear my mind with one hour of meditation. Meditation helps me to remove any unnecessary thoughts and puts me in the headspace to deal with the stresses of the upcoming working day.

    I wouldn’t get through the day without…

    Proper breaks. This might be taking ten minutes to drink a smoothie or an energy drink, or having a light meal. Taking breaks throughout the work day is essential to productivity!

    One thing I can do better than anyone else is…

    Planning ahead and coming up with solutions to any potential problems that might arise from an action I’m taking.

    In order to work productively, I need…

    To clear up my mind every now and then, detach from the situations I am handling for few minutes, then dive in again to pursue my plan. This is why breaks are so important.

    I hope to spend my retirement…

    Continuing what I’m doing now. I try not to refer to what I’m doing as a ‘job’, because it’s so much more than that. However, I’d like to do it from a less-crowded area of the planet (though of course it would have to have the proper infrastructure, like an internet connection!).

    Now let’s talk about your job. You founded your own business consulting firm, Sygnific FZ-LLC. Could you tell us a little bit about what your company does?

    Sygnific Fz-LLc is a Project Admonitory Firm formed from experienced professionals with quality commerce track records in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in Europe and Far East. We help companies improve their commerce and development practices in these areas.

    Sygnific Fz-LLc’s essential purpose is to provide exceptional leadership to transform strategies and solutions, achieving sustainable results. As a business consulting firm, Sygnific Fz-LLc solves complex problems and plans and executes strategically critical projects across multiple industries.

    Through our dedicated and talented team of professionals, Sygnific Fz-LLc provides unmatched quality, care and value to its clients. This is accomplished through disciplined application of continuously evolving tools and methodologies, project leadership practices, and advanced knowledge management. Sygnific’s obsession with excellence, honesty, ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity ensures its impeccable reputation as leaders within our profession.

    What inspired you to start Sygnific?

    I reached a point in my professional life where giving has become my biggest goal, rather than receiving. I am a resident in Dubai and the prolonged time I spent in the Middle East – 14 years now – has provided me with a very particular set of skills and experiences which I believe can be profitable for our international clientele.

    Giving is definitely more rewarding than receiving! What kind of companies usually reach out to Sygnific, and what are their requests?

    The nature of the companies applying for Sygnific’s services vary from SMEs to multinationals which require top-notch support in the execution of operations which are a unique service offered by Sygnific. They can be providers of both goods and services, local or worldwide. The thing that unites them is their seeking for precision, clarity, transparency and quick response to their needs, which are the values Sygnific holds dear.

    Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently when you were starting Sygnific?

    By nature I have never had remorse or regret. Everything I have thought, said or done has led me to the point where I stand now, fully accountable for the decisions taken and aware that the past is history, the present is a gift to embrace, and the future is yet to be written through our today’s actions.

    What is it like to work as your own boss? What is your day to day like?

    Prior to the entrepreneurship, I tried quite successfully to stay away from the typical attitudes and attributes of the ‘boss’. On the contrary, I have pursued the ways of leading by example. Hence, today I find myself in the unique position to lead myself through different situations being conscious that I will always be accountable for my actions. I can take a precise and methodical approach to handling most situations, as well as adopt the idea of thinking outside the box. Experiences and outcomes have proven these ways to be successful in my field, yet none of these would be achievable without a strong sense of adaptability, as well as a consolidated toolbox of soft skills.

    How does Mailbutler help you stay on top of your workflow?

    Through its features, all integrated to deliver the best user experience, Mailbutler provides natural support to match the cognitive mental processes of the applicant. Any operation, starting from the desire to execute a required task, begins in the mind, then finds the most suitable way to be executed thanks to the natural user centric response provided by Mailbutler.”If you can think it, and  you want to have it done, then you can easily find it in there available.” That’s how I think about Mailbutler!

    Is there one Mailbutler feature that you especially enjoy? Which feature do you use the most?

    I especially like the Snooze feature, because it allows me to really focus on what matters, in a similar way to the Eisenhower Matrix. This gives me the opportunity I was describing before: to have the proper amount of time to adopt the most convenient approach to handle situations. Notes and Tasks are as well a really useful feature, and the integration with CRM (BCC to CRM) is extremely helpful.

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