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Receive Task Reminders on the Go with Mailbutler’s Mobile App

Get task reminders on your phone with Mailbutler's mobile app. Set reminders and get push notifications wherever you go.

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    By James

    James has five years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    The Tasks feature is very popular among Mailbutler users. It allows you to transform emails into convenient tasks that are sharable with your team. It means that tasks can be attached to emails, and you can set reminders for dates and times of your choice. Essentially, when you set a reminder, you receive a notification on your laptop or computer when your Task is due. In large, this post will show you how receiving Task Reminders wherever you go with Mailbutler’s mobile app can help you react in no time.

    Task Reminders wherever you go

    If you are living an active lifestyle, it means you aren’t always on your computer. For example, you may be in a meeting, common-working space, coffee shop, or on the move. Before, If you didn’t have access to your computer, then you couldn’t see the Task Reminder notification that you set earlier in the week.

    Now, It all changes with Mailbutler’s mobile app! From the mobile app, you receive a real-time push notification on your phone when your Tasks are due. Basically, the mobile app notifies you of your daily deadlines and which emails need your response. From there, you can set Task Reminders on your laptop/computer, or right in the mobile app. As a result, this tool serves as an information hub for all of your Mailbutler activity.

    How to make the most out of Mailbutler’s mobile app and Tasks feature

    In this case, you’re communicating with a potential customer over email. Next week, you plan to send a follow-up email in case the customer has yet to respond. With Mailbutler’s Email Tracking feature, it shows you that prospect usually opens their emails is around 1 pm. In addition to that, you know you’ll be in the office at that time to send the follow-up email, so you set the Task Reminder for that time.

    Imagine that next week, an unexpected meeting in your client’s office needs to happen at 1:15 pm. You’re about to leave the office to go to the meeting and you’ve left your laptop on the desk. In addition to that, while you’re preparing for the meeting with your client you completely forget about the follow-up email you wanted to send.

    Luckily, you have Mailbutler on your phone and the notification pops up on your screen: “Task Reminder – Send a Follow-Up Email”. You haven’t left the building yet, so you run back to your desk, send the follow-up reminder in a few seconds, and then you’re on your way to your meeting!

    Stay informed on the go with Mailbutler’s mobile app

    Available on iOS and Android, Mailbutler’s mobile app enables you to stay informed on the go. There’s no need for a laptop, simply check your phone! Stay on top of your tasks and never forget to follow-up on emails to potential clients with Mailbutler on your mobile device.

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      13 Dec 2020
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