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Improving customer relationships: Mailbutler’s BCC to CRM feature

Mailbutler’s powerful BCC to CRM feature allows salespeople to BCC information to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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    For your team to succeed in customer relationships to the best of your ability, it’s essential for you to have up-to-date customer information. So wouldn’t it be great to have all of your customers’ information directly in your inbox? With Mailbutler’s blind carbon copy (BCC) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool feature, you can get exactly that.

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    What is a Customer Relationships Management (CRM) tool?

    CRM tools are extremely helpful for collating information about your customers, keeping it all in one place, which can be helpful for both marketing and particularly customer support purposes. Essentially, the CRM tool contains all of the collected customer data about:

    • Inquiries
    • Sales offers
    • Data from phone calls
    • General correspondences

    This tool allows each member of your sales team to access customers’ recorded information, which means your entire team can provide customer support with easy access to information and no confusion or mistakes. It also tidies up your workflows as everything is collected in one place.

    With your CRM tool, you and your entire team can focus on your customer relationships – perhaps the most important aspect of running a business. Essentially, everyone is able to answer your customers’ questions. If you don’t use a CRM tool, your team risks the possibility of losing critical information, and to keep your workflows clean. For example, it ensures that two members don’t send off a sales offer to the same client.

    However, there is one problem with all CRM tools. If you and your team use an external email service, it may be that your emails don’t collate in your tool.

    Improving your CRM and customer relationships with Mailbutler

    If your employees use Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail, they can use Mailbutler’s BCC any email to your CRM feature. The feature stops you from ever losing customer communication and facilitates the distribution of email traffic over the whole team rather than one individual having all the information.

    How does it do this? Well, with Mailbutler installed, head to your Dashboard in the Mailbutler Sidebar. From here you can set up rules for email automation. Any emails which then abide by these rules – for example, having a specific recipient address in the email, with whichever exceptions you’d like to include – will be automatically forwarded to your CRM tool. This means, as stated, all customer information and communication is stored in one handy place, and you don’t have to do any of it manually (except setting up the first rules, of course).

    A screenshot of Mailbutler's BCC to CRM feature which can help improve customer relationships

    And that’s it! It really is as simple as a few clicks, and all directly within your email client. So get started using the BCC to CRM feature right now on Mailbutler’s Business plan, and keep your customers satisfied, your company’s performance high, and all your information in one place.

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