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Mailbutler is introducing a new pricing plan

In April 2021, Mailbutler introduced a new pricing plan in order to better serve our users. This includes a new plan - Professional+ - included due to demand from our customers.

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    As of February 21st, 2023, this article is out of date. We still offer the Mailbutler Professional+ plan, but we no longer offer a free, Essential plan, and Undo Send has been removed from the Mailbutler feature set and become its own standalone plugin (which you can download free of charge). For more information on the changes happening to Mailbutler, check out our product updates blog post.

    Due to popular demand, as of 13.04.2021, Mailbutler has changed its pricing plans. There’s no need to worry if you’re already on a paid plan, as nothing will change for you. However, for Essential users some things are different, so we thought it best if we wrote a short blog post explaining exactly what’s going to happen from April to your favourite email plug in.

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    What's changing with Mailbutler?

    The main change is that we have added a fourth plan to our existing three called Professional+. This is a mid-tier plan which sits between Professional and Business, containing some of the best features of both.

    On top of this, Essential users will also see a change to their plug in. Those on the free version of Mailbutler will actually be getting more features than they currently have. Before the change, they could use Undo Send and Attachment Reminder. Well, with the new pricing update, they’ll also have access to Send Later, Open Tracking, and a basic Email Signature! Emails sent on an Essential plan will contain a Mailbutler watermark letting recipients know that the message was sent using Mailbutler. The watermark can be removed manually every time, but to remove it completely, you can upgrade to any one of the other plans - and also get a tonne of other features to help you be more productive!

    The Mailbutler plug in itself will look a little bit different, too. In order to improve your user experience, we’ve updated our interface. Features which aren’t available on the plan you’re on will clearly show they are locked, and provide useful information about where you can upgrade your plan.

    Why are we changing our pricing?

    The main reason we’ve changed our pricing structure is because you, the valued customer, asked for it! We asked a wide range of users what they liked and disliked about our current plans and received plenty of feedback, both positive and negative. The two main requests from users were that the Essential plan contain more features, and that we implement a mid-tier plan. The new plan has some of the advanced features of the Business plan and all of the features of Professional - hence, Professional+. And don’t worry - we aren’t removing any features at all.

    What are the features of the new Professional+ Mailbutler plan?

    The Professional+ plan is a mid-tier plan which combines all the features of Professional with some of the more popular functionality of Business. The list of features on the Professional+ plan which aren’t on Professional are as follows:

    • Optimized Scheduling
    • Tracking Details
    • Per Recipient Tracking
    • Link Tracking
    • Custom signatures

    The Professional+ plan is therefore for companies which need more functionality for their growing or mid-sized business than a freelancer or startup might need, but don’t require the more advanced features of the Mailbutler Business plan.

    The Mailbutler new pricing structure

    For more information on our new pricing structure, you can head over to our Support Center article on the subject. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always email our customer support team at

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