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Mailbutler product updates 2022

Learn about all the new features and updates to Mailbutler which took place in January of 2022.

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    April product release update

    April is an exciting time for Mailbutler. We’ve been working hard to improve our email extension to make it better for all of our users. One of the things we learned from a recent survey we did of Mailbutler users was that 67% of you say that managing your emails takes up too much of your time. We’re always looking for ways to help improve your inbox management, and April’s update does just that!

    Two new widgets

    We’ve been working on two helpful new widget boxes which are available from the Home Screen in the Mailbutler Sidebar. To see these, all you have to do is open up Mailbutler and navigate to the Sidebar. Let’s take a look at each of the widgets.

    Urgent Today

    One of the two new widgets we’ve been working on is our Urgent Today widget. This widget does exactly what it says on the tin: it shows you all of the tasks, notes, and follow-up reminders you’ve made which have a due date of today. This gives you a handy overview of all to-dos so you never miss anything!

    Aside from just tasks which are to be completed today, you can also see any tasks which are overdue. To do this, simply click on the three dots in the widget box, and switch from urgent today to overdue.

    Bear in mind that which to-dos you see will depend on the plan you’re on. Business Plan users will see a list of all their follow-up reminders, notes and tasks, and whether they’ve been made on emails or contacts. Professional+ and Professional users will be able to see notes and tasks on emails, and Essential users unfortunately won’t be able to use the Urgent Today widget. In short, anything you have access to in your plan you will see in the Urgent Today widget, apart from Essential Plan users.

    Tracked Emails widget

    The second of our two new widgets to help you improve your email communications is the Tracked Emails widget. This shows you all of the emails you’ve sent with Email Tracking enabled in the last fourteen days. It breaks down those emails into those which are opened and those which are still unopened and, if you hover over the envelope symbol, gives you a percentage of emails which were opened compared to unopened.

    Below the two new widgets, you’ll see the Activity list as usual.

    Sorting on templates

    Aside from the two new widgets, we’ve also incorporated the ability to sort your email templates. There are a few ways to do this, and it will vary slightly depending on whether you’re using Apple Mail, Gmail or Outlook. In Apple Mail, you’ll have the option to sort by the frequency the template is used, its name, when it was last used, when it was created, or when it was last edited. In Gmail and Outlook, you’ll be able to sort by the last used, the most used, creation dates, update dates, and name. The sorting itself is basically the same, but some of the text is different. Finally, you’ll be able to sort your templates both in your inbox when you’re inserting a template into your compose window, and in your account settings when you are actually editing your templates or creating them for the first time.

    Attachment Reminder

    We’ve also made some updates to our Attachment Reminder feature. Up until now, users have been able to set custom trigger words which, when used in an email which doesn’t contain an attachment, trigger a pop up reminder the user to include their document. Because few users were using this feature and because we want to make Mailbutler as streamlined and efficient as possible, we’ve decided to remove this custom keyword capability.

    The keywords Mailbutler looks for are based on a list of the majority of keywords which users included, as well as obvious ones like attachment, attach, document, etc. The feature is now enabled as default. Moreover, when the pop up shows, there is a link to a Support Center article which can give you more information about the feature. And finally, if you have any keywords which you think should be added to the list, you can suggest your improvement over at the Mailbutler Feature Requests page or send an email to our Support Team at

    Undo Send

    Another update which was based on user feedback and lack of use is the custom interval time for the Undo Send feature. Previously, you were able to set your own intervals for Undo Send. However, we noticed that very few users actually utilized this feature, and so we’ve decided to remove the option. However, for users who have already set a custom delay, the delay you last configured will be kept. For all new users, it will be at our default time of ten seconds.


    Importing contacts has never been easier! Now you can import your contacts into Mailbutler directly from your integrations page in Account Settings.

    Moreover, within Mailbutler, if your contact hasn’t set a custom avatar, they will now be displayed by their initials, rather than by the default avatar image. However, if there are no initials available, then the default avatar will still show.

    Filtering changes

    You can now filter by ‘Type’ on the notes and tasks tab. This means if you’re filtering your notes, for example, you can easily see whether they are on messages or on contacts.

    On top of this, on the contacts tab, you can filter by follow-up reminders, choosing whether to see those which have been completed (followed up) or not.

    Account Settings changes

    Firstly, the Account Settings page has received a cosmetic update, improving the user experience and hopefully making it look a little nicer. On top of this, in Gmail, avatars will always show, the compatibility option has been shifted to the integrations page of Account Settings to try and clean up the interface a little, and there is now a retry button to improve the integration flow of all your wonderful productivity apps.

    March product release update

    It’s time for another product update! As you know, the Mailbutler team is always improving Mailbutler based on comments and suggestions from you, our users, collected over at our Mailbutler Features Requests page. Read on to check out some of the updates from March 2022.

    Outlook Dark Mode

    A few of our customers asked us for the possibility to change Mailbutler to dark mode in their Outlook app. Now they can, and you can too! On Mac and Windows, this is as simple as changing your Outlook preferences, meaning if your Outlook app is set to dark mode, Mailbutler will be too. This is in Outlook > Preferences > General and under Appearance.

    A gif showing the Outlook app and correspondingly Mailbutler extension changing from light to dark mode

    Improvements to the signature editor

    Other customers wanted even more customization options when it came to creating their beautiful, professional email signatures. You asked, we delivered! You can now choose your font color in the disclaimer and closing section of the signature editor, whereas before you were limited to just black. The relevant place to change the disclaimer font color is circled in red, and it looks the same in the closing section. Note that the disclaimer and closing sections are only available on the Professional+ and Business plans.

    Updates to the mobile app

    Our Mailbutler mobile companion app is there to help you stay on the ball with your emails while you’re on the go, away from your computer. We’ve given it a touch up so that’s even easier to do now! You can now unsnooze and unschedule emails within the Mailbutler companion app, meaning if your plans change while you’re out of the office, you can still keep your email communication organized. The new unsnooze and unschedule buttons are circled in red.

    Small changes to the Apple Reminders integration

    There’s also a small but significant change to the Mailbutler-Apple Reminders integration. To boost your productivity, any contacts which are saved in Apple Reminders will come with a handy link which, when clicked, opens up your Mail app and the Mailbutler Sidebar and takes you straight to the respective contact. Here you have a complete overview of your contact. Practical!


    Aside from these larger updates, a number of smaller improvements have also been implemented. Notification banners were a little in the way before, so now they’ve been moved over to the right. There have also been some minor bug fixes and refinements to the Sidebar.

    January product release update

    We’re always trying to improve Mailbutler based on comments and suggestions from you, our valued users. We collect all of our suggestions over at our Mailbutler Features Requests page. This month we’ve made some important product updates, including cosmetic improvements and developments to multiple features. So let’s have a look at what’s changed this month.

    Cosmetic improvements

    We’ve made some changes to the sidebar which we hope have cleaned it up a little and made it nicer to use.

    Integration between Mailbutler and Apple Reminders

    We’ve made some changes to our integrations feature. Now, all your tasks and follow-up reminders will, on a Mac, be synced with your Apple Reminders. This is also true the other way round: any tasks on your Apple Reminders list which you made in Mailbutler will be updated in your email inbox if you update them in Apple Reminders.

    Improvements to the contacts feature

    The Mailbutler Contacts feature has also received a few changes. Cosmetically we’ve updated Contacts, but you can now quickly and simply edit a contact by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of their image as well. You can also quickly delete a contact you no longer need, also by clicking on the pencil icon.

    Also, in your list of contacts, you can filter or simply scroll down to find pending contacts. (Pending contacts are contacts which have been shared with you but you haven’t yet created.)

    Tasks updates

    You can now filter all your tasks by their due date, making it easier to find the things you need to do.

    Snooze and Send Later improvements

    Now, the first time you snooze or schedule an email to send later, you’ll receive a little pop-up which shows you exactly where you can find your emails should you want to make any changes to them.

    Small trial update

    You can now see how long is left of your trial period down in settings by clicking on the cog icon:

    That’s all for this release. Be sure to stay tuned every month for an overview of all the exciting new updates we’re making to Mailbutler.

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