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Mailbutler Releases a New Core… Contacts!

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Berlin, Germany: Today, February 25, Mailbutler, provider of the leading email communication tool, introduced their new released core… Contacts. The company released this new tool, because they felt that most CRM tools were too complicated, unaccessible, and contained too much irrelevant information. Mailbutler wanted to bring the most useful features of a CRM right to the user’s inbox, so they could have all of their recipients’ contact information in one place. With this new update to Mailbutler, it makes customer communication even easier, because it is located right where the users need it. 

    CEO and Co-founder of Mailbutler, Tobias Knobl says, “After doing market research, we realised that small businesses wanted some basic features of a CRM tool, but they were often overwhelmed by the more complicated elements of them. For this reason, we designed Contacts, because it meets the demands of our users without the complexities of a full fledged CRM tool. We think this new product will help our users and future users have better email communication, which creates stronger customer relationships and builds better businesses”. 

    Over the years, Mailbutler has grown in both size and versatility. They have developed Tracking, Snooze, Notes and Tasks. They have also made their services available on Gmail, and as of January 2020, Outlook. Beyond that, they have also developed add ons for iOS and Android. From today on Mailbutler continues its journey into becoming a CRM tool for small businesses

    Mailbutler,  co-founded by Fabian Jäger and Tobias Knobl,  is an email extension software with the goal to ensure perfect email communication for professionals and teams. The company’s productivity extension operates on Apple Mail, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook, as well as, add-ons for iOS and Android. It comes with a substantial suite of features that help over 100k professionals achieve their ideal work-life balance everyday – all without leaving the inbox.

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