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Mailbutler turns 3 — and we got a new look!

Your favorite email productivity tool has now turned 3 and we're celebrating by giving the Mailbutler website a fresh new feel.

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    By James

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    Today, we announced in a newsletter to our users that just got a new look. We’re excited to share what’s new and why we’ve made these changes.

    Before the redesign

    Our previous website design showcased features of Mailbutler with simple, minimalistic illustrations that complement the design language of the two inbox platforms we support: Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail. They’re clean, easy to grasp and explained Mailbutler in a straightforward manner.

    Send Later Feature for Apple Mail and Gmail

    Over time, our website no longer effectively conveys the brand values we’ve been actively communicating in other channels.

    To accompany our growth in the past year, we decided to give our website a closer inspection and some much-needed revamping.

    A refreshed image

    We kept our name, logo and updated our tagline: Email in no time.

    Mailbutler Homepage

    It’s 2019, and productivity no longer means getting things done and squeezing more out of every minute of your day. We’re in no shortage of information, tasks, or work — instead, we lack effective ways to prevent burnouts, stress, and over-consumption of tech.

    It is the responsibility of software companies like us to promote healthy boundaries between work and life.

    Mailbutler began 3 years ago (with the name MailButler) as a tool with much simpler features. It was a metaphor for a helpful butler that takes care of your emails. 2 years later, we adopted the lowercase ‘b’ with the release of Mailbutler 2. Our product has evolved its functions from a personal butler into a full-fledged productivity suite.

    Email in no time

    Today, Mailbutler encompasses much more than a simple set of tools. Acting as a liaison between inbox and modern productivity tools, we give our users the freedom to handle emails how it fits their day.

    Our users are professionals and industry leaders who not only value work — but more importantly, understand that their quality time outside of work is just as valuable.

    We want to give credit to our users’ work style and productivity routine, no longer simply to the product.

    Mailbutler Users

    It is the responsibility of software companies like us to promote healthy boundaries between work and life.

    Email with a human touch

    Mailbutler’s updated tagline and visuals perfectly sum up our vision on email management in 2019.

    Our beautiful new visuals feature a diverse and inclusive group of people illustrations, reflecting both our customers as well as our team, while fully making use of our vibrant and modern brand colors.

    We further accentuate the interlink between human and technology in our new team visuals, enhancing the humanistic side of Mailbutler’s features.

    Email, with a human touch

    Our new illustrations shine light on the core values that shape how we work every day: respect and open communication, with a balanced emphasis on both personal and professional growth.

    Colleagues sharing email notes and tasks
    Shared Tasks and Shared Notes

    We also incorporated organic and botanical elements in our illustrations and social media visuals. This aligns freshly with our goal of accomplishing productive work with peace of mind — as a subtle protest against the outdated, unhealthy ‘work-for-work-sake’ approach.

    Email in no time with Mailbutler for Apple Mail and Gmail

    We strive to set ourselves apart as a tech company that promotes meaningful use of your everyday inbox.

    Mailbutler’s features are designed to help you manage emails in a modern manner. Features such as Send Later, Tasks, Snooze, and Notes break down the barrier between modern apps and your outdated inbox.

    At the same time, we strengthen the core utility factors of email: asynchronous, paced, reliable and professional.

    More power to growing teams

    We’ve also given our Team page (previously Business page) a complete redesign, reflecting our reconceptualization of Mailbutler for teams.

    Manage Tasks and Notes with Your Team in Mailbutler

    We strengthen the core utility factors of email: asynchronous, paced, reliable and professional.

    The role of email in daily work is changing, and so are the needs for teams. We see Mailbutler for Teams as an extension to the already powerful features for single users’ inbox management.

    Mailbutler for Teams

    Teams who use Mailbutler can:

    • Manage emails smarter and more flexible, both independently and as a team
    • Write better emails altogether in a shorter time
    • Gain insight into their contacts without the need of CRM
    • Collaborate on projects by sharing goals and tasks easily.

    Mailbutler for Teams will continue to help thousands of small businesses and fast-growing teams manage their inbox smarter. Teams can focus on getting meaningful work done and reach their next business goal.

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