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Mailbutler’s Mobile App Update: Four new Improvements

Mailbutler's mobile app update has finally arrived! Read more about the new functionality we have in the mobile app.

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    By Tiffany

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    It’s Mailbutler here! We know how much you enjoy the push notifications from our email management mobile app, but we also know you want more functionality from it. Alas, we heard your feedback and we decided to further develop and update our mobile app for both IOS and Android. With this new version, you will now be able to use various features directly from your favorite email management mobile app. This mobile app update is an improvement that everyone will enjoy!

    A new Mailbutler mobile app update for iOS and Android!

    Mailbutler’s new mobile app is here to solve your email related problems and bring you more advantages! With the new and updated mobile app, you can use it in four of the following ways

    Filter and organize your favorite features

    Filter emails based on Tracking, Send Later, Snooze, and by Tasks, and Signature Templates.  A new and improved way for email mobile app organization. 

    For example, say you want to see all of the emails which use Tracking. Now, you can choose the filter based on tracking and it will show all of the emails with Tracking

    Tasks and Notes

    Tasks and Notes are now listed clearly and concisely. You, your team, or different users can also filter both according to when you created it and to whom you shared it. For Tasks, you can separate them based on if they are completed or uncompleted. All of this organization helps you find what you are looking for quickly and allows you to save even more time! 

    Say, you want to see which Task you completed and which ones still need to be done. Now you can filter them based on which ones are completed or not completed. A perfect way to stay organized on your mobile app. 


    Use Dark Mode with Mailbutler 

    Mailbutler cares about your vision, so we decided to add Dark Mode to iOS. It is a way to reduce eye strain, while simultaneously being aesthetically pleasing! 


    Self-Tracking Prevention

    For the Tracking feature, we enabled Self-Tracking Prevention. Normally, when you open an email that you sent, it would be labeled as opened. Essentially, the tracking features would become void after you look at your own sent email. We solved this issue by creating Ignore my Origin. You can enable this by turning it off in preferences on your mobile app. Although, if someone has the same IP address as you, Tracking will be ignored on this one as well. 


    More features on the mobile app 

    Now you can use so many more features on your favorite mobile management app!  It is possible for you to use Notes and Tasks! With this update, you can easily use most of your favorite features from the convenience of your smartphone.



    So are you interested? Great, I am too! You definitely need to start enjoying our captivating features by trying out Mailbutler’s New and Improved Mobile App! 

    You can download it via the App Store or Google Play Store! If you want more information on how to use our mobile app, read our knowledge base article! 

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