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Mailbutler Tasks, the feature that turns emails into to-do items

Mailbutler's Tasks feature allows you to turn your emails into actionable to-dos, meaning you never forget to take action on an email. Check out more information here.

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    By Tiffany

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    Quite often emails go far beyond being just a simple back and forth between you and your customer or client. Instead, they require investigation, interaction, discussion, and multiple follow-ups. To make the management of emails easier, they need to be treated like to-dos, tasks to be completed. Mailbutler’s Tasks feature is a tool to do just that. Using it, users can turn their emails and contacts in Apple Mail into actionable to-dos, so you never forget to reply.

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    What does the Mailbutler Tasks feature do?

    The Tasks feature lets you take any email or contact and add a to-do. You can add your task using the Sidebar of Mailbutler right in your email client – so no need to go to an external program. With it, you can set up a due date for the to-do item and get reminded automatically when it’s time to complete it. Further, a little note can be added to the to-do items in case any more information is needed for you to be able to take action. It’s great for setting tasks to follow-up, to ask for that important document, or to organize that meeting that needs to be held.

    You can also automate your tasks much the same as you can do with a follow-up reminder. You can set an automation on each individual task to remove your reminder, delete the task, or set the task to complete. You can also set a default automation for all new tasks you make in your settings.

    The Mailbutler app provides a list of all of your tasks that need completing, meaning you’ll never lose any of your to-dos. Once you’ve completed your task, you can mark the item as done, and get them off the to-do list. The feature ensures that tasks are never forgotten even if you can’t find the specific email or contact you need.

    How can I use the Mailbutler Tasks feature?

    The Tasks feature combines perfectly with other Mailbutler features, such as Send Later:

    • Receive an important email
    • No time to reply? Add a to-do to the email
    • Set a date when it needs to be completed by
    • Come back to the email when you have time and write your response
    • Send your email at the perfect time using the Send Later feature

    So what are you waiting for? Register for Mailbutler today and never forget to take action on an email or contact again!

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