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Product Update: What’s New in Mailbutler 2.2?

Gmail Material Design, Analytics Dashboard … and everything new in latest Mailbutler 2.2 update for Apple Mail and Gmail!

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    Gmail Material Design, Analytics Dashboard … and everything new in our latest 2.2 update!


    Shortly after last week’s Mojave-ready update, our team is ready to bring you the next big update to Mailbutler, which comes with a lot of important and major improvements. Take a look at what’s new and what’s changed!

    📥 NEW: Mailbutler for Gmail — Material Design

    Mailbutler's new interface design in Gmail

    Our dev team has given a lot of love to Gmail in the past few months, and we’re happy to share that Mailbutler for Gmail is now fully compatible with Google’s new Material Design, which will be officially released on October 15. Mailbutler for Gmail is fully integrated to your inbox interface — all of your data will also be synced across your devices and platforms.

    ➡️ Download Mailbutler for Gmail (Free, Chrome Store)

    🔮 NEW: Personalized Dashboard

    Personalized Dashboard with Analytics for the Performance of Your Emails
    •  ‘Mailbutler Personality’ view shows you how you’re using Mailbutler compared to the average user.
    • Catch up easily with product and blog updates through ‘What’s new’ section in your Dashboard.

    🙌 NEW: Compatibility Mode

    The new Mailbutler for Apple Mail comes with new Snooze and Send Later functionalities which run when you are offline. However this means certain email servers are not supported.

    Mailbutler 2.2 ‘s compatibility mode will allow Snooze and Send Later to work normally again for most unsupported email servers. Our team will continue to work on adding more supported email servers for both functionalities.Mailbutler compatibility settings in Apple Mail

    To enable compatibility mode, simply go to your Apple Mail Preferences -> Mailbutler -> Activate Compatibility Mode for unsupported email servers.

    *Snooze and Send Later for email accounts on compatibility mode will only run when your computer stays awake.

    ➡️ Read more about Compatibility Mode

    More feature improvements:

    • Improved stability and responsiveness of
    • Apple Mail: Improved UI responsiveness — this includes sync between plugin and menu bar app.
    • Apple Mail: Mailbutler now supports, Yahoo! and AOL email accounts.
    • Gmail: Smoother and better visual feedback on UI.
    • Dashboard: Signature Templates editor now runs smoother and better.

    The release Notes of Mailbutler 2.2 can be found here.

    Our team is always open to your feedback and suggestions — if you have any questions, we’re always here to help: You can also catch us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn! 👋

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