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Use Mailbutler’s mobile app with Email Tracking to keep up to date on the go

Mailbutler’s mobile app and Email Tracking feature can make all the difference when closing sales on the go. Start now for free!

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    By James

    James has five years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    By having real-time notifications, it allows us to respond effortlessly. By being up to date, it helps you, a salesperson, better facilitate an essential closing sale. In this post, you will learn how both Mailbutler’s Email Tracking feature and Mailbutler’s new mobile app are hugely beneficial to any of your sales efforts.

    Big world of knowledge is out there

    Currently, you are probably informed about everything in real-time. Amazon notifies you when they ship Amazon packages. While Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram notify you when your friends see your messages and interact with your post. Basically, your smartphone gives you real-time information on anything and everything.

    Contrarily, email are still often used without access to this world of information. Typically, we usually have no idea how our recipients interact with our emails.

    Email Tracking feature provides insights into recipients’ interaction

    Mailbutler’s Email Tracking feature provides you with details from your sent emails. You can see how your customer or client interacts with your email. Essentially, you can see how they interact with your email in the following ways:

    • When they first and last opened the email.
    • The number many times they opened it.
    • The time they took to open it.
    • How long they took to respond.
    • For those using an iCloud or IMAP email account in Apple Mail, see specifically who has opened your message when you send an email to multiple recipients

    Furthermore, you can also see specific details about how many times, they opened messages from: when, where, and on which device.

    Mailbutler also allows you to see information about links that you send in your emails. The Link Tracking feature allows you to see when, on which device, and how many times a recipient clicked on a link or file.

    Access Tracking Details wherever you are with Mailbutler’s mobile app

    Now, you may have already been tracking your emails with Mailbutler on your computer. On the other hand what if you only have access to your smartphone? For example, say you’re out, meeting your business partner and want to see how clients on reacting to a new email campaign. With Mailbutler’s mobile app, you can access the Tracking Details from right your smartphone.

    The mobile app will even send you real-time push notifications when someone opens one of your emails or clicks one of the links. Available for iOS and Android, the app serves as an information hub for all your Mailbutler activity.

    How to make the most out of Mailbutler’s mobile app and Email Tracking feature 

    Imagine the following scenario: for the past few days, you’ve corresponding via email with a potential customer, Toby Jones. Recently, you sent him a very specific offer following a discussion about your product.

    A week passes without any response, so you send a follow-up email. Today, you are out of the office on your way to a business meeting when a push notification pops up on your phone: “Your email Product Offer has been opened by Toby Jones.

    You arrive to your meeting early, and Toby has had enough time to read your offer. You give him a call to answer his last questions and to highlight the quality of your product one last time.

    He’s convinced! Great job! Sale closed!

    Mailbutler’s mobile app makes your job easier

    With real-time technologies becoming more accessible, the business world is always available. Now you have a chance to impress and convince your lead with a perfectly-timed phone call. Mailbutler’s mobile app updates you with crucial sales information in real-time wherever you are.

    In short, With this service, you will always be ready to actively respond to potential customers, by showing them that good service is your priority. From now on, you will never miss an opportunity to follow-up at the right time to close a sale.

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    Comments (2)

    1. Hi team,

      Currently, on iOS, it’s still only possible to track an newly composed email (that has been composed from within Mailbutler). However, we mainly reply to inhoud e-mails as opposed to initiating a thread ourselves. Is there any perspective on getting to also track our REPLIES sent from an iOS device?

      Many thanks in advance!

      04 May 2021
      • Hello Les,

        Excellent question! The developers don’t have a current timeline for this, but one of the best ways to track when/if this will be happening is to leave a comment on our feedback platform. The link is below. This is a much more direct way of getting your input to our CTO, who checks the page regularly. It also allows other users with the same requests to upvote your suggestion. ALternately, if you see that someone else has already suggested the capability of tracking the replies to incoming emails, you can upvote that suggestion and track its progress.

        05 May 2021

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