20 Email Productivity Tips Anyone Can Try Right Now

Need some quick and dirty email productivity tips? Mailbutler's got you covered. Check out our top 20 tips for email productivity.

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    By James

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    No matter your workload, these X email productivity practices will be useful for you and will help you develop a healthier relationship with your inbox. Share these tips with a colleague or friend who needs a helping hand!

    The following email productivity tips are often overlooked and are way easier to adopt than you think.

    Some of the following tips are 10x easier if you have email plugins such as Mailbutler installed in your inbox, but this step is entirely optional.

    How to go through your emails faster

    Adopt GTD methodology for your inbox

    Shut off notifications when

    How to receive fewer emails

    Minimize email clutter

    Unsubscribe and clean up the mess if they don’t spark joy!

    Write clearer, straight to the point emails. Made a mistake? Undo Send

    Speed up your response time with Message Templates

    How to send better emails

    Remind yourself with follow-up reminders

    Practice good email ettiquette

    Always writing the same closing? Add that to your email signature

    Reach out at the right time – track when they’re interested

    Turn each email into a task

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