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What’s Mailbutler and how does it help me with Gmail?

Mailbutler is an email extension, which makes up for your email client’s missing functionalities (we all know they exist). It adds a big range of features to Apple Mail or Gmail while working in their native interface. Want examples? Here they are.

Mailbutler offers a variety of features including:


Use stylish templates to create beautiful email signatures.


Link Mailbutler to your favourite services like Dropbox, Todoist, Asana, Wunderlist, etc.


Turn your emails into to-do items, if you want to get back to them later.


Schedule an email to be sent on a specific date and time in the future.


Know the moment a recipient opens an email. 


Save email messages as templates to reuse over and over again.

Have a look at the full list of Mailbutler functionalities here, and enjoy your new powerful Gmail!