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Email Message Templates on Android

Are you tired of writing the same email over and over again? On the phone it's even more annoying when you try composing an email on a tiny keyboard. Mailbutler on Android solves this problem for you! Easily create email message templates and access them when you're on the go.

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Save time using Mailbutler on Android

Communication made easy

You're out of office and want to notify the senders of incoming emails that you will come back to them later? No problem with Mailbutler for Android! Simply create a message template with your desired text and access and send the template with your Android phone whenever and wherever you want to.

It's so time saving

If writing the same email over and over again takes you 5 minutes each, it already takes you 30 minutes writing 6 of them. What if you could just press one button and make the message appear to be sent directly. With Mailbutler this is possible. Create your desired template and access it even from your mobile phone.

Tailor them as you please

The Mailbutler Message Templates are not just plain text. You can tailor them exactly as you please with different colors, fonts and images and save time by sending them directly from your Android phone when you're on the go.

Meet our users

Paul Dziwoki

Mailbutler on my mobile phone is helping my business incredibly. Getting live push notifications whenever someone opens my email is crucial for me to identify the right time to call them and ultimately close more deals.

Paul Dziwoki. Co-Founder & CTO, Jommi

Alex Bartles

My top feature has to be the fact that I can stop an email from going even after I have pressed send. It's therein. The corner of my Mac screen looking at me. I love how it is kind of asking me if I have forgotten anything. This is so helpful. I joke that Mailbutler is the best employee in the world. It does what I ask.

Alexandra Bartles, Owner of Dance Music Production

Michael Pohl

The tracking feature is my favorite feature. It integrates seamlessly with notifications, letting you know that your customers and coworkers on the topics you are still missing. Especially for multi-project managers with a lot of emails super helpful. Mailbutler makes you look good in front of customers!

Michael Pohl, Account Director (Marketing)

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