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Free Email Tracker for Gmail

Mailbutler lets you track emails on Gmail and provides insight into when your messages are opened.

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Professional Email Tracking tool in your Gmail. For Free.

Real-time read confirmation

Get notified instantly on your Chrome browser when someone has opened your email.

Advanced link and file tracking

Find out which of your contacts is engaged in your message and reach out at the right time.

Tracked details at a glance

Easily act upon your tracked emails on your Mailbutler Dashboard.

Meet our users

Michael Pohl

"The tracking feature is my favorite feature. It integrates seamlessly with notifications, letting you know that your customers and coworkers on the topics you are still missing. Especially for multi-project managers with a lot of emails super helpful. Mailbutler makes you look good in front of customers!"

Michael Pohl, Account MarketingDirector 

Moritz Born

Knowing whether someone has read my email is a feature that has helped me loads. Part of my job has me sending cold emails. When I follow up with potential clients, I always adjust my follow-up email depending on whether the person has read the previous email or not. If I know the person hasn't read my email, it might be the wrong email, or I'll try a different contact.

Moritz Born, Business Development & Strategic Partnership Consultant

Dwayne Bryk

"I use email tracking most often. The feature lets me know as soon as my sent email is opened by the receiver. Whether they read it or not is another story, but it does give me the information. I follow up any emails that have been marked as opened. What a great feature!

Dwayne Bryk, Senior Audit Student, Concordia University

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