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Track your emails to find out if they or the links inside them have been opened

Stay on top of your email correspondence with insights into open times, location and device to make informed decisions about your next step. Keep track of your messages and prioritize your most engaged prospects. 

  • Available on Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail and Mobile (iOS/Android)
  • On-demand email and link tracking
  • Location, device, email client and OS insights 


Tracked emails

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What Mailbutler users say about Tracking

Dwayne Bryk

Dwayne Bryk 
Senior Audit Student, Concordia University


The feature lets me know as soon as my sent email is opened by the receiver. I follow up any emails that have been marked as opened. What a great feature!

Moritz Born

Moritz Born
Business Development & Strategic Partnership Consultant

Part of my job has me sending cold emails. When I follow up with potential clients, I always adjust my follow-up email depending on whether the person has read the previous email or not.

Michael Pohl

Michael Pohl
Account Director

The Tracking feature is my favorite feature. It integrates seamlessly with notifications, letting you know that your customers and coworkers are on the topics you are still missing. Especially for multi-project managers with a lot of emails super helpful!

Know what happens after you click send

Tracking illustration



Tracking graphic

Optimize your messages

Mailbutler's Tracking feature provides you with data on the open rates of your email templates. Test different subject lines and preview text to identify your best performing content.

Real-time notifications

Stay notified of your email opens wherever you are. Be it on your desktop or mobile device you will instantly know when your email was read and have ample time to plan your next follow-up.

Graphic GDPR

Uncompromising security

Mailbutler is fully GDPR compliant. We take privacy seriously and never share your data with 3rd parties. And with our servers located in the EU, you can rest assured that your data is handled in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations.



Tracking for Your Email Client

Tracking is a Mailbutler feature available for Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail. It provides users with information on the date & time and the recipient’s location, device and OS of when an email or link was opened. Professional users enjoy unlimited open tracking while business subscribers have the added benefit of unlimited link tracking.

See how Tracking works in your email client by following the tabs above ➔


Tracking for Outlook

Mailbutler provides you with reliable tracking data you can trust. Unlike with read receipts, you will always know when your email has been opened without the need of confirmation by the recipient and regardless of the email client they use.

Tracking for Outlook


How to use Tracking in Outlook

  1. Compose your new email.
  2. Open the Mailbutler add-in and select the Enable tracking button.Tracking feature in Outlook


  3. Finish your email and click on send.

To check whether your email has been opened, go to your Sent folder, select the email and open the Mailbutler add-in.

single black checkmark shows that the tracking is active but the recipient hasn’t opened the email yet.

Tracking status in Outlook

If the recipient opened your email – a blue doable checkmark would appear with the date and time of the first open next to it.

email was opened in Outlook



Tracking for Gmail

Mailbutler’s email tracker becomes a seamless part of your daily emailing through an easy-to-install chrome add-in that integrates with your inbox. A must-have tool for any Gmail user.

Tracking for Gmail


How to use Tracking in Gmail

  1. Compose your new email.
  2. Click the Tracking icon and select ‘Track’. This will enable tracking of your email opens.tracking feature in gmail


  3. Finish your email and click on Send.

To check for tracking, go to your Sent folder. A single black checkmark shows that the tracking is active but the recipient hasn’t opened the email yet. A blue double checkmark in your Sent folder if the recipient has opened the email.

tracking status in gmail


Apple Mail

Tracking for Apple Mail

A track and trace feature seamlessly integrated into the interface that you know and love. Tracking is easy to use and gives Apple Mail users the critical information they need at a glance. A one-click solution in line with your workflow.

Tracking for Apple Mail


How to use Tracking in Apple Mail

  1. Compose your new email.
  2. From the dropdown menu next to the Tracking icon, select ‘Track’. This will enable tracking of your email opens.tracking feature in apple mail


  3. Finish your email and click Send.

Mailbutler will show a blue double checkmark in your Sent folder if the recipient has opened the email. You can see the exact time and date if you move the cursor onto the blue check marks at the top of the email.

tracking status in apple mail

A single checkmark shows that the tracking is active, but the recipient hasn’t opened the email yet.

A double checkmark shows email has been received and opened.


Tracking for iOS and Android

With Mailbutler’s mobile app for Android and iOS, you can send tracked emails and see the tracking status of sent email and receive push notifications for email or link opens. Have all the important data you need anywhere you go! 

How to use Tracking in iOS and Android

  1. Go to the Emails tab and click on the airplane icon to compose a new email.
  2. Click on the Tracking icon to enable Tracking / Link Tracking.
  3. Finish your email and schedule / send it.

To check the tracking details of your email:

  1. Go to the Emails tab and the Email you want to check.
  2. Swipe that Email to the right to see when your Email was first opened and first replied to.
  3. Swiping further will reveal more specific Tracking details.