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Save anything you receive in email to Evernote, add notes and reminders, with unlimited access anywhere you go. Mailbutler’s free tool lets Evernote users on Basic plan to forward their emails from Apple Mail with no limit.

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Export your emails in the split of a second. Get Evernote Exporter (FREE) to organize your emails with Evernote and Apple Mail today.

Mailbutler’s Evernote Exporter

Evernote Exporter by Mailbutler

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Export your emails to Evernote.

Export your emails hassle-free
With one click you can forward your emails to Evernote. Free and simple.
Keep your email notes organized
Easily create email notes, add tags and set reminders - all without leaving Apple Mail.
Save time switching apps
Email notes exported from Apple Mail are synced with Evernote instantly. No time wasted.


How can I export my emails to Evernote for free?

Evernote Exporter is designed exclusively for Apple Mail, and allows users to forward their emails to their Evernote accounts for free. To get this plugin enter your email address to receive a download link.

What other things I can do with Evernote Exporter?

Evernote Exporter provides you with the possibility of creating notes of your Apple emails, without having to open Evernote. Working in a similar manner to Evernote for these notes you can add tags and set reminders.

Are there any other productivity tools that Mailbutler offers?

Evernote Exporter is a free product developed by Mailbutler. In addition, Mailbutler offers an extensive suite of time-saving tools to help you take back control of your inbox.

Where can I find any more information about Evernote Exporter?

Additional information about Evernote Exporter can be found in our knowledge base.

Evernote Exporter is a free product designed by Mailbutler.

Everything is done without having to leave Apple Mail. Convenient and free.
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