Mailbutler for iOS and Android

Schedule emails, save time with Signatures and Message Templates and Track your email and link opens straight from your mobile device with Mailbutler’s app for iOS and Android.

Mailbutler is now available on iPhone and Android:

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Stay productive wherever you go with Mailbutler in your pocket

Mailbutler is now available for your mobile device enabling you to send Tracked emails, Schedule messages, create email Notes & Tasks and save time on the go with pre-written Message Templates. Get a real-time overview of all your Mailbutler activity with push notifications on your phone. Available on iOS and Android!

Your personal email assistant now always by your side

Live push notifications on your phone
Get real-time push notifications on your phone when someone opens tracked emails, clicks tracked links or when a task is due.
Manage Tasks and Notes
Check existing Tasks and Notes or create new ones from your mobile device.
Instant, one-click access to your inbox
It takes just a single click to open and read the message in your mobile email client.


How to use Mailbutler's mobile app on iPhone and Android phone when I AM already using Mailbutler for Apple Mail or Gmail?

If you already have an account and use Mailbutler on your desktop, you can simply download Mailbutler in the App Store or Google Play and start using it on your mobile phone.

How to use Mailbutler's mobile app on iPhone and Android phone when I AM NOT using Mailbutler for Apple Mail or Gmail yet?

You can download Mailbutler from the Apple App store or Google Play directly and make a free account to start using the app. You can also visit to install our desktop plug-in and get the full Mailbutler experience.

What can I do with Mailbutler on iPhone and Android phone?

With the Mailbutler mobile app you have access to most of the features present in the desktop extension. This includes Tracking email and link opens, scheduling emails with Send Later, inserting Message Templates & Signatures and adding Notes and Tasks to your emails. In addition you receive real-time push notifications on your phone for tracked email and link opens and reminder notifications. Lastly, you will always have an overview of you Notes & Tasks, your Mailbutler enhanced emails and the tracking details of tracked emails.

Is the mobile app free?

Yes, the mobile app is free to download in the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android mobile devices.

Does Mailbutler for iPhone and Android phone offer the same features as the desktop version of Mailbutler?

Mailbutler's mobile app has most of the same features as the desktop application with some exceptions. Features like Snooze and Unsubscribe for Apple Mail are not present in the app as it is not a fully fledged email client.

Download Mailbutler's mobile app to expand your possibilities while emailing on the go. It's free!

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