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Find out when your email contact clicks on your email link with Mailbutler's advanced Link Tracking Tool for Apple Mail and Gmail.

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Mailbutler's advanced email link tracker for Gmail lets you know when, where, and how often your contact clicks on your email link. Get real time read receipts notifications: follow up and reach your contacts at the right time, all without leaving your inbox!

Mailbutler Email Link Tracking

Ever wonder what happens after your email is sent?

Real-time email link click notifications
Get notified instantly when your contact clicks on a link you sent in your email.
Advanced link and file tracking
Find out which of your contacts are engaged and reach out at the right time.
Tracked details at a glance
Easily act upon your tracked links and emails and never miss any opportunites.


How does Mailbutler’s Link Tracking work?

Mailbutler is an extension for Apple Mail and Gmail. When Email Link Tracking has been enabled, Mailbutler will send you a notification and a double checkmark in your Sent folder when your recipient has opened your link.

Is the content of my tracked emails secured from third parties?

Yes, your privacy is preserved and protected. All tracked emails are sent from your own email server in Apple Mail or Gmail. Mailbutler doesn’t route your emails through any external servers like some email tracking software might do.

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