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Still your Gmail inbox, but smarter

Rethink what your Gmail inbox can do with Mailbutler

Trusted by more than 100,000 professionals worldwide

Made for Gmail

Mailbutler is designed to target precisely those areas in which Gmail is lacking, with the aim of making your inbox smarter.

Made for businesses

Gmail isn’t designed for business communication – Mailbutler is. Mailbutler turns your Gmail inbox into an effective business tool.

Made for you

We always have our customers at the front of our minds. All of our features are made based on your feedback.

Gmail email tracking with Mailbutler

Mailbutler gives you a comprehensive email tracking for Gmail

Tracking emails in Gmail has never been easier with Mailbutler. No need to request read receipts anymore – Mailbutler simply tells you if your email has been opened. On top of this, see if any links in your emails have been clicked, and get insights into when, where, and on which device your message was viewed.

Create professional email signatures with Mailbutler

Creating custom email signatures in Gmail has never been easier

WIth Mailbutler, you can quickly and easily create beautiful, professional Gmail email signatures. Choose one of Mailbutler’s pre-made signatures to save time, and customize fonts, colors, styles, disclaimers and logos to keep your signature on brand. Insert your signatures with a single click right inside your compose window.

Automate scheduling emails in Gmail

Schedule an email in Gmail using our cutting-edge technology

Mailbutler’s innovative Recipient Optimized Scheduling feature uses smart automation to send your message when your recipient is most likely to open their message. In contrast, the Gmail send later functionality leaves you guessing when the best time to reach out to your contact is.

Make your inbox smarter with AI

The Mailbutler Smart Assistant for Gmail uses the power of AI to help you worked smarter, not harder. Our artificial intelligence can write and respond to emails for you, summarize messages, create lists of tasks, scan messages for contact information, and improve the style and spelling of an email you’ve written. Our AI does the work, so you don’t have to.

Mailbutler for Gmail features

email tracker

Email Tracking

Easily track your emails and links.

schedule your emails

Smart Send Later

Schedule your emails to send at a later time and date.

professional email signature

Email Signatures

Stay professional with beautiful, customizable signatures.

follow up reminder email


Create actionable to-dos on emails and contacts.

tasks in email


Add informative notes to your emails and contacts.

email templates

Email Templates

Create and insert professional email templates in a few clicks.

manage email contacts


Receive insights into each of your contacts.

email collaboration for teams


Share everything with your team members to stay streamlined and on-brand.

Mailbutler's Smart Assistant icon

Smart Assistant

An AI powered email assistant that can write, respond to, and summarize emails, improve spelling and grammar, and automatically create tasks and contacts.

mailbutler email tags


Add tags to emails, contacts, templates, signatures, notes and tasks to quickly organize your inbox.

Alicia Fairclough

Alicia Fairclough

Founder of EA How To

Alicia Fairclough uses Mailbutler for Gmail

Alicia Fairclough uses Mailbutler for Gmail

The templates are my favorite feature and biggest time saver. I get a lot of enquiries and requests for information. I have templates that address all frequently asked questions and with them I can send a detailed response with the click of a button. It’s brilliant!
Andrew Douch

Andrew Douch

Education Technology Consultant

Andrew Douch uses Mailbutler for Gmail

Andrew Douch uses Mailbutler for Gmail

A feature I really love is Send Later, with which I can write an email late at night (which I often do because I’m a night owl), but schedule it to be sent at 9 am the next day so that the recipient receives the message during normal working hours.
Hollie Barac

Hollie Barac

accountability and productivity partner

Hollie Barac uses Mailbutler for Gmail

Hollie Barac uses Mailbutler for Gmail

From an aesthetic view, I love the customisable, clickable email signatures. I’d been looking for an email signature app that would do this so when I found Mailbutler, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.


How to track where a Gmail email was sent from

Mailbutler’s email tracking for Gmail is a breeze. Simply click on the tracking button (the two tick marks) by your send button and enable tracking and link tracking. Now, when you select your email in your sent box, you’ll receive insights into your tracked email after your recipient has opened it, shown through two blue checkmarks. In the Mailbutler Sidebar, see when, where, how often, and on which device your email was opened, as well as if any links you included were clicked on.

Can you schedule an email in Gmail?

Just like with Gmail’s feature, you can click on the dropdown arrow next to your send button to schedule your email to send later. However, unlike Gmail, Mailbutler offers its innovative Recipient Optimized Scheduling feature, which tells Mailbutler to send your email at the optimal time for your recipient to maximize your chances of getting a response.

How to create an email template in Gmail

Creating email templates in Gmail is as easy as one, two, three. Simply open up the Mailbutler Sidebar and click on the cog to open up Account & Preferences. Then head to the Templates tab. From here, you can edit any existing templates you have, or click on the plus sign in the blue circle to create a new template. You can add customized placeholders which will be automatically filled out when you add your template in your compose window, and insert templates into your email in a click to save time.

How to create an email signature in Gmail

Head to the Signatures tab under Account & Preferences by clicking on the cog icon in the Mailbutler Sidebar. Now, you can add a new signature by clicking the plus sign in the blue circle, duplicate any existing signatures you have, and delete any you no longer need. Edit your signature’s font, colors, logos, and much more, and insert them in your compose window in just two clicks. It’s as easy as that!

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