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Still your Outlook inbox, but smarter

Improve on Outlook’s limited features with Mailbutler

Mailbutler for Outlook

Trusted by more than 100,000 professionals worldwide

Intuitive features

Mailbutler simplifies and improves on Outlook’s inbox features, making them easier to use and adding functionality Outlook lacks.

Mailbutler is for businesses

Mailbutler concentrates on what freelancers and business owners need, rather than spreading itself thin by trying to appeal to everybody.

Made with you in mind

Mailbutler improves Outlook to support you. We have our customers’ desires at the front of our minds every step of the way.

Simple email tracking

Mailbutler’s Outlook Email Tracking feature isn’t complicated – it just works

With Mailbutler, you get a wealth of information into your message’s delivery status, whereas with Outlook, you only get basic data. Moreover, after you enable email tracking with Mailbutler, it simply works, with no fuss and no extra steps. In Outlook, you have to first ask your recipient for permission to see a read receipt. Mailbutler’s improvements to Outlook email tracking give you a competitive edge in email communication.

Online, offline - schedule your emails without limitations

Schedule emails in a few clicks with Mailbutler’s Send Later for Outlook – even if you’re offline

Emails you’ve scheduled with Mailbutler for Outlook Send Later will send even if you’re no longer online, so you can go off and do other things after you’ve dealt with your messages. Mailbutler also offers its one-of-a-kind Recipient Optimized Scheduling feature, which suggests the best times to reach your recipient to maximize your chances of getting a response.

Extensive template customization

Edit all aspects of your template in seconds with Mailbutler’s Email Templates for Outlook

Mailbutler expands on Outlook’s email templates by allowing you to set placeholders for the recipient’s name, sender’s name, organization, and much more. Placeholders get automatically filled out when you insert your template in the compose window, and you can create and use templates in just a few clicks, saving you time and letting you focus on the work that really matters.

Outlook AI email extension

An AI assistant that actually works

Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant improves on Microsoft’s Copilot. Use the Smart Assistant to quickly summarize an email and draft a response based on just a few keywords. Use it to compose an email for you, or improve the spelling and grammar of one you’ve already written. The Smart Assistant can also quickly make lists of tasks from emails you’ve received, and scan messages for contact information.

Mailbutler for Outlook features

email tracker

Email Tracking

Easily track your emails and links.

schedule your emails

Smart Send Later

Schedule your emails to send at a later time and date.

professional email signature

Email Signatures

Stay professional with beautiful, customizable signatures.

follow up reminder email


Create actionable to-dos on emails and contacts.

tasks in email


Add informative notes to your emails and contacts.

email templates

Email Templates

Create and insert professional email templates in a few clicks.

manage email contacts


Get insights into each of your contacts.

snooze emails in outlook


Manage your work effectively by snoozing emails until later.

email collaboration for teams


Share everything with your team members to stay streamlined and on-brand.

Mailbutler's Smart Assistant icon

Smart Assistant

An AI powered email assistant that can write, respond to, and summarize emails, improve spelling and grammar, and automatically create tasks and contacts.

mailbutler email tags


Add tags to emails, contacts, templates, signatures, notes and tasks to quickly organize your inbox.

Mathis Uchtmann

Mathis Uchtmann

Trainer, Speaker and Time Management Coach

Mathis Uchtmann uses Mailbutler for Outlook

Mathis Uchtmann uses Mailbutler for Outlook

The Tasks feature is awesome. After setting a follow-up task, once the time comes, I can check if I’ve got an answer already or if I need to write another follow-up email to remind the person to send me information, give me a status update, or do the task I delegated.
Martino Roberto

Martino Roberto

IT Consultant

Martino Roberto uses Mailbutler for Outlook

Martino Roberto uses Mailbutler for Outlook

Mailbutler is the best mail assistant ever. If you need an assistant for your daily work, it's a must have!
Netaniel Eliav

Netaniel Eliav

Technology Development Manager

Netaniel Eliav uses Mailbutler for Outlook

Netaniel Eliav uses Mailbutler for Outlook

I tried lots of other tools before, but Mailbutler just works.


How do I install a free Outlook tracking plugin?

Installing Mailbutler for Outlook is quick and easy. Simply register for a free account, and download Mailbutler in a few clicks. We don’t ask for any card details on signup, and you get a 14-day free trial of all our features. Head to our registration page and get started today!

How to track emails in Outlook

Tracking emails in Outlook couldn’t be easier. When writing a message in your compose window, simply open the Mailbutler Sidebar and click on the button to enable tracking before sending. To see whether your email has been opened, go to the email in your sent box and check how many ticks there are: one means tracking is enabled, and a double tick means your message has been opened. From there, you can see all the tracking information about your message. It’s as easy as that!

How to schedule an email to send later in Outlook

Everything you need to schedule an email in Outlook is right in the Mailbutler Sidebar. Simply open it up while composing your message and click on the option to set a delivery date. From here, you can select a custom preset for when your message should go out, or manually set your own date and time for delivery. Furthermore, Professional+ and Business plan subscribers can use Mailbutler’s unique Recipient Optimized Scheduling feature. With this, Mailbutler intelligently sends out your message based on when your recipient is most likely to open your message.

How to create an email template in Outlook

To create a message template in Outlook, open the Mailbutler Sidebar, then go to Account Settings, then to Account and Preferences. In the window which pops up, select Templates under Manage Features. (This is also the place to edit your templates after you’ve made them!) From here create a new template by hitting the plus sign in the blue circle in the top right-hand corner of the window. After you’ve created your email template, you can insert it in your compose window in a few clicks: simply open the Mailbutler Sidebar, click on insert template, and select your message template. Easy!

How to add follow-up reminders in Outlook

Follow-up tasks can be set either in your compose window or on an email you’ve already sent and a contact. Either way, simply open up the Mailbutler Sidebar, click the drop down arrow on the tasks icon (a blue image with a tick in a box). Click follow-up task, and your reminder will be set according to the default interval you have set in Mailbutler’s settings. However, you can manually change this to whichever date and time you would like. When the time comes around, you’ll be reminded to follow-up – that’s it!

It only takes 30 seconds to get started

It only takes 30 seconds to get started

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