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Mailbutler is designed for teams

Bundle your subscription plans and get access to a whole array of special features that make team collaboration a breeze, at a price that makes sense. Share notes, tasks, and contact information with your team without ever leaving your inbox!

mailbutler for teams

Bundle subscriptions come with a range of benefits

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Discounted plans

Want to get Mailbutler for multiple team members? Get a discount on your plans if you go directly to us and get a quote. Our Sales Team will help you figure out all the details to get you a deal that fits your team.

Mixing and matching

Mix and match plans

You can easily mix and match any of our plans to suit your team’s needs. Simply purchase multiple plans under one account and then distribute them to your team as you see fit.

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Dedicated onboarding

Certain that Mailbutler's right for you, but want to make sure you get the most out of our extension? Our Support Team offers free onboarding sessions for teams, helping you to use Mailbutler efficiently and productively.

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Team collaboration features

Mailbutler's Business Plan offers a host of team collaboration features, including the option to share notes, tasks, message templates, contacts and signatures across your whole company and create teams for improved cooperation.

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