Shared Email Notes for Teams

Share ideas, bring clarity and improve your internal communication without leaving your inbox.

Mailbutler lets you attach internal notes to emails that are only visible for you and your team.

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Mailbutler helps teams get more productive and collaborate efficiently in their inbox. Use Team Notes to easily get quick input and share internal memos, so no message gets dropped.

Mailbutler Email Notes

Deliver better emails. Serve happier customers.

Clarify emails internally
Shared notes are ideal for any teams to add context and details to emails.
Edit notes anytime
Unlike emails, you can revoke access, delete or make edits anytime to notes you have shared.
All notes in one glance
Access and edit all your notes and tasks easily on your Mailbutler Dashboard or on 3rd party integrations.


How can I use Mailbutler Notes as a team? Is Mailbutler an email client?

Mailbutler works on Apple Mail or Gmail as a companion plugin. In each email you send or receive, you can attach a note that is either private to you or shared with your team.

Can my recipient see my shared notes?

Only recipients who are members of your Mailbutler Team and granted access by you can view notes attached in your emails. Say you’re replying an email to a client and CC’ing your colleague who is in your team, any shared notes created will only be visible internally between you and your team.

How can I share my notes with my team?

When you create a note with Mailbutler, you can select it to be either private to you or shared across your team. Click on the share notes button and you can give access to other Mailbutler users on your team to view your note.

Where are my notes saved?

Notes are automatically saved and synced across devices with Mailbutler installed. You can also sync Mailbutler with 3rd party apps (e.g. OneNote, Evernote…) to keep all your notes in one place.

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