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Create unlimited professional signatures for your team, and use them in your Apple Mail or Gmail. You can add social links, change colors to fit your brand and easily add links to drive conversion - made easy with Mailbutler.

Everyone has a signature. What’s yours?

Keep your signatures on brand
Easily create your team's signatures with custom colour, font, size, social links...possibilities are endless.
Drive website traffic effortlessly
Turn your team emails into an effective marketing channel with trackable links and images. No HTML required!
Save time for designers and developers
Signatures templates created on Mailbutler are shared and auto-generated instantly for everyone in the team.


How do I use Mailbutler’s Signatures on Apple Mail and Gmail?

There are two ways to create a signature with Mailbutler. 1) use one of our 10+ beautiful and responsive templates, or 2) use our custom signature builder and create your own. You can add as many or few details you want - personal info, contact details, social links, company branding, disclaimers… Signatures created with Mailbutler are stored on the cloud - you can access and edit them whenever you want on the web dashboard.

How does team signature sharing work?

Email signatures can be created easily with Mailbutler. After you've made your design, you can then select to share it with your team. Mailbutler will create and automatically generate the same signature for your team members. If you make any changes to the template, it will also reflect on your team members' signatures.

How many signatures can I create and share with Mailbutler?

Unlimited! Once you have Mailbutler installed on your email client, you can create unlimited number of email signatures on your Dashbaord and use them as often as you want.

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