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Convert every email into actionable next-step for your team. Mailbutler for Gmail and Apple Mail lets you easily add tasks to your emails that you can share and delegate with your team.
Mailbutler tasks can be synced with task management tools to further streamline your team's workflow.

Team Email tasks for Apple Mail and Gmail

Transform your team inbox to a powerful collaboration tool.

GTD with emails
Turn emails into tasks for your team to always stay organized.
Edit tasks anytime
Unlike emails, you can revoke access or make edits to shared email tasks.
3rd party integrations
Sync Mailbutler tasks with the task tool your team already use - Asana, Trello, Todoist, and more!


Is Mailbutler an email client? How can I use Mailbutler Tasks as a team?

Mailbutler works on Apple Mail or Gmail as a companion plugin. In each email you send or receive, you can attach a task with a due date. Tasks are either private to you or shared with your team.

Can my recipient see my shared Tasks?

Only recipients who are members of your Mailbutler Team and granted access by you can view tasks attached in your emails. Say you’re replying an email to a client and CC’ing your colleague who is in your team, tasks attached and shared will only be visible internally between you and your team. -

Can I sync my Shared Tasks to a task management tool?

Sure - Mailbutler currently supports Tasks syncing with Wunderlist, Asana, To-doist, Trello...and more. If you’re using another productivity tool and would like to add that to the list, let us know!

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