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Getting Started with Mailbutler

Getting started with Mailbutler

Length: 3:05

How to track your emails

Length: 03:52

Smart Send Later

Length: 3:29

Snooze your emails

Length: 3:08

Creating Mailbutler tasks

Length: 4:10

Notes for emails and contacts

Length: 2:50

Manage your contacts

Length: 4:26

How to create email signatures

Length: 5:26

Email message templates

Length: 3:18

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Getting started with Mailbutler

Video content

  • Introduction

  • Register a free account 0:33 Jump to 0:33

  • Install Mailbutler 0:54 Jump to 0:54

  • Enable Mailbutler 1:32 Jump to 1:32

  • First look around after installation 1:57 Jump to 1:57

  • Mailbutler Sidebar 2:18 Jump to 2:18

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