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How do I get started with Mailbutler's Undo Send in Apple Mail?

Mailbutler is an extension available for Apple Mail and Gmail. To try it, sign up for a free account, and you will automatically begin your trial. Read this quick start guide on how to set up Mailbutler, or contact us if you have any questions.

How does Mailbutler’s Undo Send work in Apple Mail?

With Mailbutler on Apple Mail and Gmail, when you send a message it delays your message delivery by several seconds. During this time, you have the option of clicking “Undo Send”. In this instance, you can edit your mistakes in your email. Now you can simply click ‘undo’ and cancel your email delivery before it is sent. if you want to learn more, look at our knowledge base article about Undo Send.

Can Mailbutler recall my email after it has actually been sent?

Unfortunately Mailbutler can’t time travel yet. Check back in 20 years time, but for now we’d say Undo Send is the closest thing to that. ⏳

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