Opt out of unwanted email lists easily with one-click Unsubscribe.

Mailbutler automatically identifies your newsletters and subscription emails on your Apple Mail and Gmail.
We make it easy to stop unwanted emails from invading your inbox. No longer interested in a newsletter? Simply click the Unsubscribe button on top of your screen and you're good to go.

We help over 100k professionals email smarter everyday.

Dwayne Bryk
"With companies forwarding my email address to affiliated companies, my inbox is filled with subscriptions that I did not specifically request. The unsubscribe feature has made this issue easy to resolve. "
Dwayne Bryk
Senior Audit Student, Concordia University
Benjamin Berger
"Junk mails that you did not even subscribe to are annoying. To stop the flow of ads I used to unsubscribe manually, but with Mailbutler I'm winning a lot of time. "
Benjamin Berger
Professor, ECAM Brussels Engineering School


How does Mailbutler’s Unsubscribe work on Apple Mail and Gmail?

On Apple Mail, Mailbutler automatically displays the Unsubscribe button at the top of your window if your email includes an option to unsubscribe. By clicking it Mailbutler will unsubscribe your email address to the newsletter list - no extra steps required.

Does this button appear in all my email newsletters?

Mailbutler only displays the unsubscribe button if the email header includes the List-Unsubscribe information.

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