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About Us

Mailbutler is a software company based in Berlin with a passion for helping professionals and teams manage their emails better.

Since being founded in 2015 by Fabian Jäger and Tobias Knobl, Mailbutler has evolved into a full-fledged productivity suite for Apple Mail, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Today, Mailbutler’s mission is to provide small enterprises with easy to use tools that help structure, enrich and boost their everyday business email communication and email-centric relationship management — right from their inbox.

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Core Values

Core values are the cornerstones that allow us to continuously redefine what's possible through technology



Deliver results

Deliver results in an uncertain world

Grow beyond

Grow beyond your limits

Celebrate success

Celebrate success

See through

See through the customers’ eyes

Think like owners

Think and act like owners

The crew making it happen

When we’re not coding, answering customer inquiries or coming up with new email features, we’re enjoying each others' company. 
We're a diverse, tight-knit group of 15 individuals uniting 6 different nationalities, and sometimes have interns, work students and/or freelancers joining us. We enjoy these friendships in our cosy office located in the Schöneberg neighborhood, in the heart of Berlin. 
Our office language is English, but our "German word of the week" makes sure that everybody is familiar with the most popular and/or important local slang.



Co-founded Mailbutler in 2015 after graduating from RWTH University with degrees in BA and Engineering. In my free time, i like windsurfing and enjoying the great outdoors.



Previous white African and convinced European now back at his birth-place Berlin. Enjoys the “little” things in life while traveling, hiking and spending time with good friends.


Office Manager

Orginally from Berlin, I've been living in New Zealand for the last few years. I enjoy board games, gardening, good chocolate and testing sustainable life choices on my dear family.


MacOS Developer

I write code by day, play guitar by night, try to make the world a little bit better whenever I find some time in between.


MacOS Developer

With a longtime passion for coding, I love building things enriching people's lifes. When I'm not staring at a screen, I enjoy go-kart racing and playing pool.


Frontend Developer

I like: video games, sport and dading around (eating leftovers, bad puns, using toys not meant for my age...).


Account Manager

Coming to Berlin from Poland, I am continuing my growth and getting to know this great city better. I’m a video games and digital graphics enthusiast.


Customer Success Manager

Born and raised in Seattle, USA. Unleashed on Berlin in January 2018. I love music, dancing, and day-long explorations of the city.


Marketing Manager

Coming from Bavaria but enjoying Berlin for its lakes and forests. I love colors, flowers, baking and have a big weakness for Golden Retrievers.


Key Account Manager

Whenever I see a dog on the street I shout out: Doooog! I value kindness and eating, and I think its important to question why things are the way they are.



Originally from Brazil. Came to Berlin for the music and the night, stayed for the cool people and history. I enjoy playing guitar, video games, hiking and cats.


UX/UI designer

Proudly southamerican with a love for France. Married a leprechaun. I live in Berlin because love is stronger than walls. I like nature and creating things with my hands.



Originally from a small town in the Black Forest, moved to Berlin for my studies. I enjoy quiet walks in nature, trying new recipes and exploring new music while discovering memes or petting my cat.


Graphic Designer

I am a visual storyteller with great passion for the ocean, seafood, roller coasters, science fiction and cats.


Customer Success Manager

I was born and raised in Berlin. I've recently completed my English and Politics degree. In my free time I like to read and go for long walks.


Project Manager

Early bird, tea lover and bike rider. In my free time, I love exploring the world one trip at a time, or when I'm at home you'll probably find me chasing after my two naughty rabbits.


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