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$ 0

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Included in Essential:

  • Mailbutler Watermark on emails
  • Track when your emails are opened
  • Schedule your emails to be sent later
  • Create professional, customizable email signatures
  • Recall sent emails
  • Use Collaborators to improve teamwork with your team members
  • Share signatures with your colleagues

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$ 7.95

per user per month

Everything in Essential, plus:

  • No Mailbutler watermark
  • Snooze emails and reply later
  • Insert message templates instantly
  • Attach notes to your emails
  • Set tasks on your emails

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$ 29.95

per user per month

Everything in Professional+, and:

  • Add notes and tasks to contacts
  • Share your contact notes and tasks with other team members
  • Manage your customer relationships directly in your inbox
  • Import contacts and get detailed conversation histories
  • Priority customer support

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Core Features

Email Tracking

See immediately when a recipient has opened your email so you can plan when to follow up and measure how successful your lead-chasing is. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Basic Send Later

Work with people in different time zones, or only want to reply to your clients when you’re free? Write your email now and use our Basic Send Later feature to schedule it to send at a different time. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Snooze less urgent emails *

If your inbox is getting overwhelming, don’t just sit there with a thousand notifications. Snooze lets you temporarily hide less-important emails in your inbox so you can focus on the work which matters. Available for Outlook and Apple Mail.

Email Signatures

Use one of our premade signatures to increase conversion rates and make sure your emails always look great. Customize the basics of your signature, including text colors, images, and social links. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Tasks for emails

Set tasks on emails and get real-time notifications based on timings you set. Get reminders on follow-up tasks if your recipient doesn’t reply, and automate them to be deleted, be set as completed, or have their reminder removed if your contact does reply. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Notes for emails

Never forget to take action on an email. Leave a note on any email you like and see all of your notes in a handy list if you can’t find the corresponding email. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Message Templates

Sick of writing the same email over and over again? With Message Templates you can save a prewritten email and open it in your compose window in two clicks, saving you time. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Undo Send **

Sent an email and realized you’ve made a mistake in the copy? Don’t worry. Recall sent emails with the click of a button. Turn on Undo Send and set a custom delay time so you can recall your sent email and correct any problems. Available for Apple Mail.


Easily share your created signatures, templates, notes, tasks and contacts with members of your team to make sure your company stays on-brand in every email it sends. Share anything you can make on your plan – if you can create a task, note, signature, etc., you can share it! Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Advanced Features

Tracking Insights

Get insights into when, where, how many times, and on which device your email was opened. Moreover, Apple Mail users using an iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail, or IMAP email address can see exactly who has opened their email. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.


Link Tracking

On top of seeing when a recipient has opened your email, see when they’ve clicked through on a link you’ve included in your email. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Recipient Optimized Scheduling

Not sure when to send your email for the best results? Mailbutler suggests the best time for you to reach your contact (based on data collected through our Email Tracking feature) so you can maximize your chances of a reply. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Smart Send Later

Mailbutler’s Smart Send Later features give you more control over your scheduled messages. Get a handy Sidebar widget so you can always keep track of all your messages; moreover, Mailbutler can automatically cancel a scheduled email if your recipient responds. (Available for all clients.) Mailbutler can also automatically reschedule your email to the next day if you’re working outside of your specified working hours, and notifies you about the status of your scheduled emails. (Available for Apple Mail and Gmail.)

Customizable Email Signatures

Not satisfied with a basic signature? Get access to extensive customization of our templates, including adding logos, changing fonts and colors, adding a disclaimer and much more. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

3rd Party App Integration

Want to use Trello, Todoist or OneNote alongside Mailbutler? Not a problem. Mailbutler integrates with lots of your favorite apps. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Customer Relationships


Mailbutler can import your contacts with all their information included, but if there’s anything missing you can customize your contacts’ information to add it. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Tasks for contacts

Want to set a to-do that’s specific to one of your contacts? Set tasks on any of your contacts so you never forget to take action. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Notes for contacts

Got a piece of information you should include in your next message or you don’t want to forget? Leave notes on individual contacts and never forget anything important. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Contact Analytics

Need to know when a contact is most likely to reply? Mailbutler provides a ‘best time to reach’ feature so you know exactly when to send your message to get a reply. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

Message History

Message history gives you a detailed overview of email conversations between you and your contacts. Available for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.


Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Mailbutler’s not only for your desktop. Get a limited range of features in our companion mobile app. Available for iOS and Android.

Removable Mailbutler Watermark

When using the Essential plan, all your outgoing emails will include the Mailbutler Watermark.

Email Support

Our dedicated customer support team answers all queries within a 24-hour time period.

* Available for Outlook and Apple Mail only
** Available on Apple Mail only
*** Available on Apple Mail and Gmail only

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What is included in the free trial?

The 14-day free trial of Mailbutler gives you full access to all Mailbutler features. In essence you get two full weeks of the Mailbutler Business plan for free!

What happens after my free 14-day trial is over?

Because you don’t have to enter any credit card information upon sign up, you won’t be charged automatically after your free trial ends. Instead, you’ll be moved to our free, Essential Plan, and from there you can choose to upgrade.

How do I subscribe to a plan?

First, you can test Mailbutler out with our 14-day free trial for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail to figure out exactly which features you need and learn how to use our program. Then, once the trial has ended, just click on the upgrade button in your email client and you’ll be taken to our subscribe page. It’s as easy as that! Check out our Support Center article for more detailed information.

Which plan is right for me?

The best way to find out which plan is right for you is by trying out our 14-day free trial. You don’t need to give any payment details to get started, and the trial includes full access to all of our features. This gives you the opportunity to try everything out and see exactly which features you need. If you haven’t made your mind up after 14 days, you’ll be automatically switched to our free Essential plan while you continue to figure out which plan is the best fit for you.

Can I use Mailbutler as a team, and is there a special offer?

If you’re a part of a team which needs multiple Mailbutler plans, don’t worry – you can contact our sales team directly and get a quote on several plans at once. You’ll get a discounted rate and free dedicated team onboarding. You can easily mix and match any of our plans to suit your team’s needs. Simply purchase multiple plans under one account and then distribute them to your team as you see fit. Get in contact with our Sales Team to find out more.

How can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan at any time quickly and easily. It’s as simple as going to your Account Preferences in the Mailbutler Sidebar and clicking on the Subscriptions tab. Here, you can see which plan you’re currently subscribed to, up- or downgrade your plan, and add extra subscription plans to distribute among your team.

How can I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry to see you go! Cancelling is as easy as downloading – simply head to Account Preferences from the Mailbutler Sidebar, and go to the Subscriptions tab. Here you’ll see a list of all your plans, and you can simply click the cancel button to cancel your subscriptions. Your plan will end just before you were due to be billed, and you won’t be charged again.

Is Mailbutler trustworthy?

If it’s privacy you’re worried about, don’t be – Mailbutler is 100% compliant with European data regulations (GDPR), and our servers are located in Germany, so your data is handled in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations. Our security settings let you decide how much information you want to share, we never read, store, or process the content of your messages, and all types of data exchanged with or stored in our backend are encrypted.

On top of this, we have a strict Security Vulnerability Program, and Google regularly checks that we are complying with all data protection guidelines. You can read about our Privacy Policy here and learn more about our team and company on our About Page. And of course, for any other questions or concerns, you can always reach out to our Support Team – simply send an email to support@mailbutler.io and we’ll be happy to help.

What payment options are available for Mailbutler?

To start using Mailbutler, we don’t require any payment details at all – you get a 14-day free trial and, after the two weeks are up, our free Essential plan for no cost whatsoever. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you can either pay using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

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