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Email Tracking Tool

Mailbutler's professional email tracker notifies you when emails and links are opened. It is perfect for anyone who uses email as their primary form of business communication. With email tracking, you can follow up at the right time and save time. 

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Professional Email Tracking for your inbox.

Email Tracking in a Single Click

Say goodbye to endless guesswork and wasting time checking your inbox. Our tracker sends you real-time notifications when your email has been opened by your recipient.

Advanced Email Link and File Tracking

Mailbutler allows you to know when and how often your link was clicked so you can reach out to already engaged prospects. Take email communication to the next level with Mailbutler. 

Tracking Details at a Glance

Mailbutlers smart insight gives you detailed information on how your emails are read and replied to. Optimize your outreach using advantage and professionalise your communication even more. 

Meet our users

Moritz Born

"Knowing whether someone has read my email is a feature that has helped me loads. Part of my job has me sending cold emails. When I follow up with potential clients, I always adjust my follow-up email depending on whether the person has read the previous email or not. If I know the person hasn't read my email, it might be the wrong email, or I'll try a different contact."

Moritz Born, Business Development & Strategic Partnership Consultant

Alex Bartles

"My top feature has to be the fact that I can stop an email from going even after I have pressed send. It's therein. The corner of my Mac screen looking at me. I love how it is kind of asking me if I have forgotten anything. This is so helpful. I joke that Mailbutler is the best employee in the world. It does what I ask."

Alexandra Bartles, Owner of Dance Music Production

Michael Pohl

"The tracking feature is my favourite feature. It integrates seamlessly with notifications, letting you know that your customers and coworkers on the topics you are still missing. Especially for multi-project managers with a lot of emails super helpful. Mailbutler makes you look good in front of customers!"

Michael Pohl, Account Director (Marketing)

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