Snooze emails in Outlook and Apple Mail

With the Mailbutler Snooze feature for Outlook and Apple Mail, you can put emails on the back burner and reply to them when you have time. Set your own times for how long emails should be snoozed and find them in a dedicated Snoozed folder.

    Snooze emails in Outlook and Apple Mail

    Snooze emails and come back to them later

    With Mailbutler’s Snooze feature, you can hide emails from your inbox for a set period of time. This is extremely useful if you don’t have time to read a message yet, or if it’s a task which doesn’t require immediate attention. Once the Snooze time runs out, the email will automatically return to the top of your inbox.

    You decide how long to hide your emails

    Need to organise your emails around your workflow, rather than have your work day dictated by incoming messages? Not a problem. Manually decide how long your emails should be hidden for, be that hours, days, or weeks, meaning you can work on them when you have time and remove distractions from your inbox.

    Move hidden emails back into your inbox at any time

    Your snoozed messages aren’t lost in the ether: they’ll be kept safe for you in a dedicated Snoozed folder. This means if you find yourself with a spare moment to deal with your messages, or if a task’s priority happens to change, you can head to the Snoozed folder and move emails manually back into your inbox.

    Reach Inbox Zero and manage your time better

    Snoozing emails is a great way to achieve Inbox Zero. It means you can block out dedicated times during the day to work through your emails, rather than be constantly distracted by incoming messages. Hiding emails lets you manage your inbox the way you want to, keeping your inbox clean, saving you time, and reducing stress.

    Seamless integration with your current email client