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Manage your email contacts effectively and improve customer relations

Mailbutler’s Contacts feature

Mailbutler’s Contacts feature for Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook helps you manage email contacts and provides you with important information about your email contacts.


Store all your contact information in one place

Mailbutler makes it easy for you to manage your customer relationships quickly and effectively. With the integrated Mailbutler contact manager for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail, you can keep a complete log of your contact information right in your inbox. You can add contact information manually, or import data from your address book and emails.

Customize your contact data

Managing Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail contacts is easy with Mailbutler! Contacts are fully customizable: you can add standard contact information, like name, email address, etc. But Mailbutler also allows you to create custom fields for each of your contacts, like favorite restaurant, hobby, or spouse’s name.

Window showing how Mailbutler gives you insights into your contacts in Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail

Get important insights into your contacts

Window showing how Mailbutler gives you insights into your contacts in Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail

Need some more information about your contact you can’t work out yourself? Mailbutler provides other important insights into your recipients for Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook, such as the times they are most likely to respond, or, in other words, when it might be best to try and reach them.

Never lose track with Mailbutler’s conversation history

Want to find something from earlier in the email thread without trawling through a hundred emails? Mailbutler gives you a full conversation overview history so you can quickly see the topics you’ve talked about with any contact. Moreover, you can click on an email in the list to get more information on that particular message, or simply open up the message in your email client to see the original email.

Share contact information with your team

Need to manage your Outlook 365, Gmail or Apple Mail contacts in collaboration with your team? To streamline your collaboration, you can share contact information with your entire company in just a few clicks. Mailbutler lets you share specific contact information, so that confidential information you have created only for yourself is not available for your team mates.

Combine Contacts with other features to make the most out of it

The Contacts feature works best when combined with other Mailbutler features. After importing a contact, you can use Notes to have extra information to hand in your address book. With Tasks, you can create actionable to-dos on that specific person, or use a follow-up task to be reminded with a push notification to send a follow-up email after a set period of time if your contact hasn’t replied. Contacts makes your Outlook, Apple Mail, or Gmail inbox smarter!

the integrations to Mailbutler contacts

Connect your favorite apps with Mailbutler Contacts

Don’t want to add all of your contacts manually? Mailbutler Contacts connects with Apple Contacts, Outlook Contacts, and Google Contacts, meaning you can quickly and easily import your whole address book. On top of this, you can import a CSV file containing all your contacts’ information.

Seamless integration with your current email client

John Reed

John Reed

Founder and Chief Consultant of Rain BDM

John uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

John uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

Contacts means my communication with my clients is more professional.
Nick Kyriakides

Nick Kyriakides

Founder of NK Films, Post-Production Artist, Freelancer of the year

Nick uses Mailbutler for Gmail

Nick uses Mailbutler for Gmail

The Mailbutler Contacts feature is a lifesaver.
Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders

Founder of The Rockin' Productivity Academy and 5 AM Miracle podcast, author, and keynote speaker

Jeff uses Mailbutler for Gmail

Jeff uses Mailbutler for Gmail

A feature I love is Contacts.


How do I organize my Apple Mail contacts?

You can easily organize your Apple Mail contacts by using Mailbutler’s Contacts feature! With Contacts, you can easily import your address book from either your Apple Contacts or a CSV file. You can also quickly add contacts manually right in your inbox. After you’ve done this, Mailbutler gives you information on each of your contacts whenever you’ve selected an email from them. You can edit all their information manually, and even add custom fields for extra information you want to include. Finally, in the Mailbutler Sidebar, you can see a full list of all your contacts.

How do I organize my Outlook contacts?

The Mailbutler Contacts feature can help you organize your Outlook inbox. You can import all of your contacts from your Outlook Contacts, or you can use a CSV file. Mailbutler then shows you a complete list of all of your contacts in the Mailbutler Sidebar. Whenever you select an email, you can see contact information in the Sidebar, and you can edit the information of this contact, including adding custom information fields. It’s as easy as that!

How can Mailbutler's Contacts feature benefit me?

The Mailbutler Contacts feature is made so you can improve your customer relationships. It helps you keep on top of all your communication with a contact by providing you with your and your team’s complete conversation history with them. It also collects all of your contacts’ information in one place so you know everything important about them. And it organizes your contacts into a simple list so you never lose track of who you need to contact. Mailbutler tells you the best time to reach your contact to maximize your chances of getting a response. All of this and much more is what Mailbutler Contacts offers you – tons of ways to improve your customer relationships.

Is it hard to import my contacts to Mailbutler's Contacts feature?

Importing your contacts into Mailbutler is easy. After you’ve installed Mailbutler, simply head to Account & Preferences in your inbox and navigate to the Integrations tab. From here, you can import your contacts from Apple Contacts, Outlook Contacts, or Google Contacts. You can also import from a CSV file. It takes just a few seconds to import all your contacts into Mailbutler.

Is Mailbutler a Customer Relationship Management tool?

Mailbutler isn’t solely a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) – it’s an extension for your Apple Mail, Gmail or Outlook inbox which offers you lots of new features to improve your email communication in general. That being said, our Contacts feature is sort of a CRM – in fact, we’ve written before about how Contacts is a kind of CRM feature and how it can help you run a successful business. Check out the blog post here.

Don’t worry about privacy. Mailbutler is 100% GDPR compliant

We take privacy seriously and never share your data with third parties. And because our servers are located in the EU, you can rest assured that your data is handled in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations.

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