Learn more about your customers and improve relationships


Keep all your contact information in one place

  • Manage your customer relationships right from your inbox
  • Fully-customizable contact details
  • Create notes and tasks to keep all your information in one place

Get important insights into your contacts

  • Learn when your contacts are most likely to respond
  • See an overview of your conversation history
  • Share contacts across your whole team

Seamless integration with your current email client

Step 1: Create a contact and let Mailbutler import all their information

Step 2: Create a note or task on your contact

Step 3: Get important insights about your contact

Contacts are loved by businesses

Over 1 million contacts are tracked with Mailbutler every single day

Victor Thoft

Victor Thoft

Creative Director

I really enjoy having insights into the people with whom I regularly email. It means I can craft my messages to fit the contact and therefore maximise my chances of obtaining a new client and improve in-house communication.

Contacts means I can craft my messages to fit the contact.

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John Reed

John Reed

Founder and Chief Consultant of Rain BDM

The Contacts feature means I can quickly bring up information about clients to make sure I know exactly who they are and what the project is I’m working on. It means my communication with my clients is more professional and leads to better customer relationships.

Contacts means my communication with my clients is more professional.

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Nick Kyriakides

Nick Kyriakides

Founder of NK Films, Post-Production Artist, Freelancer of the year

The Mailbutler Contacts feature is a lifesaver. When you’re working with a lot of different clients and customers, it means you don't get mixed up about who’s who and can always have the correct information to hand and look professional.

The Mailbutler Contacts feature is a lifesaver.

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Don’t worry about privacy. Mailbutler is 100% GDPR compliant

We take privacy seriously and never share your data with third parties. And because our servers are located in the EU, you can rest assured that your data is handled in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations.

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“You know when you want your mail program to do that bit more, like easily schedule your emails, note that you’ve used the word attached in the copy but haven’t attached anything, or help you know if your recipient has actually opened your last message? Mailbutler makes it happen.”