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An overview of Mailbutler Contacts, one of Mailbutler’s core features

Mailbutler introduces one of its core features, Contacts, which helps you improve your customer communication and have all your information on your contacts in one place.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Back in 2020, Mailbutler released its new core Mailbutler feature: Contacts. This tool was made with the idea of helping you improve your email communication even more, enabling you to increase customer retention and loyalty.

    Contacts let you keep detailed, customizable information on all of your email contacts, so your relationship with your clients is strengthened.

    Contacts are located in the Mailbutler Sidebar, meaning you can use it right inside your inbox. In the Sidebar you can import contacts from your address book and manually edit information, and see all the other information that Contacts provides you with.


    Read on for a full overview of all of the ways the Contacts feature helps you build stronger customer relationships, and further improve your business.

    Start using Contacts today

    Contact Analytics

    The most exciting part of the Contacts feature is Contact Analytics. So, what is Contact Analytics? Essentially, it predicts the best time to reach out to anyone that you work with, whether it is a customer, colleague, or any other business acquaintance.

    Contact Analytics brings all of your business acquaintances closer, because it shows you the best, most convenient time to reach out to your recipient.

    Contact Analytics optimizes the Smart Send Later feature: you write when it's convenient for you, the email is sent when it's convenient for the recipient.

    Say you prefer to check your emails in the morning, but your client prefers to respond to them in the afternoon; by using both Send Later and Contact Analytics, you can write your emails in the morning, and schedule them to send in the afternoon.

    Utilizing Contacts and Send Later together helps you to improve your customer relationships and maximize your chances of receiving a response.

    Best time to reach feature

    Conversation History

    Contacts also give you a complete overview of the email conversations you've had with any one particular contact. It shows you all of the messages you've sent and received, and is perfect for keeping a tab on past conversations.

    Why is this useful? Firstly, it gives you a handy place to find any older information contained in a conversation with your recipient that you may have forgotten to record, meaning you can always find anything you need to.

    On top of this, it's great for collaboration, as you can share your full conversation history with anyone else in your team in order to split your workload.

    Finally, remembering information your contact has already shared with you adds a personal touch to email correspondence.

    People are always happy when they don't have to repeat themselves, and remembering things they have said to you will help to increase their loyalty (when it comes to customers) or convince them to continue working with you, because you actually care (in the case of clients).

    Customizable contact information

    Mailbutler's Contacts feature acts as an information hub, where you can create fields for information such as name, address, business, social links, and anything else you'd like.

    For example, if you want to remember the name of your contact's spouse, you can add a custom field with this information.

    Need to remember how to get to their socials? Add fields with links to their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook - anywhere!

    If you work in a team and are on our Business plan, you can also share your contacts with the rest of your team, so everyone is kept up to date with the same contact information.

    Being able to add a wealth of information to your contacts and helps you to keep a personal relationship with each of your contacts. This helps with customer retention specifically, but is useful also when speaking over email with other team members.

    Moreover, it's essential for closing deals, as it shows that you have been paying attention to your potential client and trying to build a relationship with them.

    Notes and Tasks

    Contacts also work brilliantly in conjunction with another of Mailbutler's core features: email Notes. In Mailbutler, you can add notes and tasks directly to a contact.

    This means you can add extra information to your contact in the form of a note, for example, something that doesn't fit in any of the customizable fields.

    Tasks, on the other hand, essentially turn your contacts into an actionable to do: you can add due dates and reminders to your tasks so you don't forget to take action.

    And as always, Business plan users can share all their notes and tasks across their whole team.

    Best time to reach feature


    Using email tags for better contact management

    Mailbutler's Tags add another dimension to managing your contacts. When dealing with a range of contacts, it's handy to quickly spot the purpose of each contact and their emails. Maybe you tag potential business opportunities as 'New Lead' or emails awaiting a reply as 'Awaiting Feedback'.

    These tags not only help you sort your inbox but also make sure you're on top of tasks related to your contacts. Plus, with Mailbutler's tagging, you can group contacts based on past chats, their preferences, or any other detail, making your customer interactions smoother.

    Mailbutler contact tags


    As you can see, the Mailbutler Contacts feature acts as a bridge between you and your customer.

    You can add information about your customers to have more personal conversations, see a conversation overview so you never forget anything they've mentioned to you, get analytics into when the best time to reach them is, and combine the tool with our other features to maximize your email game.

    All of this helps you to improve your business and specifically improve your relationships with your recipients.

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    Comments (4)

    1. I don’t find Conversation History useful at all.
      What good is it to be able to view subject emails without the content?
      If I could click on the subject and have it open the email so I can read it, it would be a useful feature.
      I am on Mac Mail.

      03 Nov 2020
      • Hello Steve,
        This is a terrific suggestion, and one that you can make directly on our feature suggestion and feedback page. Here’s the link:

        Our CTO reviews this page regularly, and other users will also have the opportunity to see your suggestion and upvote it.

        05 Nov 2020
    2. Can contacts from Gmail or Apple Contacts be imported?

      26 Jan 2021
      • Hello Hans,

        No they can not, not currently. Right now, you can import your contacts by bulk directly from your system’s address book, but not from Gmail or Apple Contacts. This is something that the developers are working on for the future.

        For more information about how to use the Contacts feature in Apple Mail or Gmail, please see the article linked below:

        If you have any questions not answered by a knowledge base article, feel free to write to support@mailbutler.io.

        27 Jan 2021

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