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Contacts – The New Great Core Behind Mailbutler

Mailbutler releases its new core, Contacts, which helps you improve your customer communication and have all your information on your contacts in one place.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    It’s Mailbutler here! We have something super exciting to tell you! We are releasing the new core behind Mailbutler, Contacts! This greater than ever tool helps you improve email communication, which will lead to more customer loyalty and a further improvement for your business! Contacts is conveniently located on the Sidebar. Now there is no reason to ever leave your inbox. 

    Here are the four actions that will help you embrace email communication, build stronger customer relationships, and further improve your business: 

    Contact Analytics

    Our most exciting part of the Contact feature is Contact Analytics! So what is Contact Analytics? Essentially, it predicts the best time to reach out to anyone that you work closely with, whether it is a customer, colleague or any other business acquaintance. Contact Analytics brings all of your business acquaintances closer, because it shows you the best time to reach out so it’s convenient for you and your Contact

    Contact Analytics also optimises the Send Later feature, because you write when it’s convenient for you and it is sent when it is convenient for the recipient. Say, you prefer to check your emails in the morning, but your client prefers to respond to them in the afternoon. By using both the Send Later and Contact Analytics, you can write your emails in the morning, and they will arrive in the afternoon.  By doing so, it will make communicating with your customer even easier. 

    Conversation History

    Conversation History shows you and your Mailbutler team all of your Contact’s past email subject lines. It is perfect for keeping a tab on past conversations and collaborating with your team. 

    By using Conversation history, you will be able to know who spoke to your Contact and reference back it to them when communicating with your Contact. All of this adds personal touches to the email correspondence, which will make them more loyal to your company! 

    Contact Information

    Contact Information acts as a hub, where you can create, view, add: name, address, social media account, languages spoken, or any other fields that you want! If you work in a team you can also share your contact with other Mailbutler users, so that your whole team can have the same information about the contact

    The benefit of Contact information is that you and your Mailbutler team can note specific details about your customer or client, which makes communicating with them even easier. By doing so, it makes it easier to close more deals, because you know how to communicate with your Contact.

    Notes and Tasks

    Contacts also uses one of Mailbutler’s most used features: Notes and Tasks.  You can place Notes and Tasks directly on a Contact. It is perfect when you need to remember a detail about a specific person, so now you can write it directly on their contact. For Tasks, you can also assign a specific task to a Contact. It is great if you need to collaborate within your team on how to communicate with a specific customer. 

    With all of these actions, you can see that Contacts acts as a bridge between you and your customer, because you are able to gather more information about them, which will lead to stronger and better communication. By doing so, you will have more loyal customers which in turn will lead to more closed deals and an overall improvement in your business

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    Comments (4)

    1. I don’t find Conversation History useful at all.
      What good is it to be able to view subject emails without the content?
      If I could click on the subject and have it open the email so I can read it, it would be a useful feature.
      I am on Mac Mail.

      03 Nov 2020
      • Hello Steve,
        This is a terrific suggestion, and one that you can make directly on our feature suggestion and feedback page. Here’s the link:

        Our CTO reviews this page regularly, and other users will also have the opportunity to see your suggestion and upvote it.

        05 Nov 2020
    2. Can contacts from Gmail or Apple Contacts be imported?

      26 Jan 2021
      • Hello Hans,

        No they can not, not currently. Right now, you can import your contacts by bulk directly from your system’s address book, but not from Gmail or Apple Contacts. This is something that the developers are working on for the future.

        For more information about how to use the Contacts feature in Apple Mail or Gmail, please see the article linked below:

        If you have any questions not answered by a knowledge base article, feel free to write to

        27 Jan 2021

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