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Snooze incoming emails for an uninterrupted workflow

Avoid annoying distractions and focus on the work at hand by snoozing your non-urgent emails. Get back to your snoozed emails at a time that is convenient for you and achieve inbox zero!

  • Available on Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail
  • Default + custom snooze time periods
  • Snooze to working hours only
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What our customers say about us

Fabien Guérin

Fabien Guérin
Founder & CEO of Talent Fishers

"I never shut down my computer unless I have 10 or fewer emails in my Inbox and the Snooze function helps a lot."

Jez Moore correct

Jez Moore
Founder at The Azur Collection

"Mailbutler helps me to get to Inbox Zero every evening. With its functionality, I rule my emails - and not the other way around."

Jörg Oyen

Jörg Oyen
Digital Communication Consultant, Owner of

"Mailbutler is my digital communication co-pilot for my changing energy levels - its functions are practical time savers for me."

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Choose the best time to respond

Gain full control over your inbox and decide when you want to reply to non-urgent messages. Snooze incoming emails for minutes, hours or even days into the future or set a default time period to be reminded of snoozed emails. Optimize your workflow and tackle your emails whenever it suits you.

Snooze to working hours

Ever received work-related emails after the end of your workday? For some this is a regular occurrence. With Mailbutler you can temporarily archive incoming emails until your specified office hours. Regain your work-life balance with inbox snooze.  

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Snooze for Your Email Client

Snooze is a Mailbutler feature that allows you to temporarily hide emails from your inbox that you want to answer at a later time. It allows you to delay your email by minutes, hours, and even days in line with your availability. You can set a default snooze time for your emails and have them re-appear only during your specified working hours in your Mailbutler preferences.

Find out how to use snooze in your email client by following the tabs above ➔


Snooze for Outlook

Mailbutler brings a snooze feature to Outlook, enabling users to achieve better control over their inbox. Snoozing Emails in Outlook removes them from your inbox and makes them reappear at a selected date and time.

Snooze for Outlook


How to snooze an email in Outlook

Find out how to snooze emails in Outlook by following the step by step instructions below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Outlookmailbutler add-in for outlook


  2. Select an email you would like to snooze from your inboxDownload and install Mailbutler for GmailDownload and install Mailbutler for Gmail
  3. Click on the Snooze button from the toolbarSnooze button in Outlook


  4. The email will be snoozed for the default duration specified in your preferences
  5. You can find your snoozed emails in the Mailbutler Snoozed folderSnoozed folder in Outlook

Snooze for Gmail

With Mailbutler, Gmail users can snooze distracting emails to hide them from their inbox for a specified period of time. The snooze button integrates neatly into Gmail's interface.

Snooze for Gmail


How to snooze emails in Gmail

Learn how you can snooze your emails in Gmail in a few easy steps.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for GmailMailbutler chrome extension


  2. Select an email in your Gmail inbox
  3. Click on the Snooze buttonSnooze button in Gmail


  4. Select when you would like your email to reappear in your inboxSet a date and time for your signature to reappear


  5. Your email has now been saved in the Snoozed folderSnooze folder in Gmail


  6. From there you can unsnooze selected emails to have them immediately reappear in your inboxUnsnooze in Gmail


Apple Mail

Snooze for Apple Mail

Mailbutler adds a Snooze button to your Apple Mail client that allows you to temporarily archive incoming messages in a few clicks. Select when you want your emails to reappear and gain full control over your inbox.

Snooze for Apple Mail


How to snooze emails in Apple Mail

See how to snooze emails in Apple Mail by following the steps below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Apple MailMailbutler downloads page
  2. Go to your inbox in Apple Mail and select an email
  3. Locate the Snooze buttonSnooze button in Apple Mail


  4. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Snooze button and select when you would like the email to reappear in you inboxSelect snooze date and time in Apple Mail


  5. The email has been saved in the Mailbutler – Snoozed folderSnooze folder in Apple Mail


  6. You can select a snoozed email and click on the unsnooze button to have it reappear in your inboxUnsnooze button in Apple Mail


An unsnoozed email will show up in your inbox immediately.

email reappears in apple mail inbox