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The Importance Of Communication: An Interview with Billy Goldberg

In this interview we talk to Billy Goldberg how he advises bosses to become heart-centered leaders.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Being a business owner entails great responsibilities, and problems, as well as communication gaps, might appear. Known as the “CEO Whisperer” and with years of experience at Billy Goldberg Partners and The Buckeye Group, Billy Goldberg helps those leaders solve their concerns. What is more, he tries to make them enjoy while managing their organizations by becoming heart-centered leaders. Today, Mailbutler will learn more about him and how he advises firms!

    Hi Billy! Thank you for giving us the chance to talk to you today, we all want to get to know more about you and your interesting job. You are the president of The Buckeye Group and a results-driven advisor at Billy Goldberg Partners. What do these companies have in common?

    These companies have in common - at their core - the quality of people that we do business with. In both cases we work with high performers. Business owners with big goals that do not believe in doing like they always have done it. They are open to innovative ways of approaching their business.

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    Could you explain a little bit what your companies are about? What are the main services you offer?

    At The Buckeye Group we help companies solidify strategic partnerships. We track the buying process for a company’s product or service and then see where there are opportunities to leverage other companies’ assets to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

    I spend most of my time now working with business owners at Billy Goldberg Partners to define ways to grow their business through mindset shifts, systems and strategy. It is a three-pronged approach that has been very successful for our clients.

    Sounds really interesting and helpful! One of your goals is to develop heart-centered leaders. What do you mean with this goal and how do you achieve it? How can leaders become heart-centered?

    This started as part of my journey to figure out what drove me in business. I was thinking too much about it. What I Iearned was that people that let their heart guide them have more happiness and joy than they would have if they lead with their head. I started writing a lot and realized that I should “write with my heart and edit with my head.” 

    This translated into helping my clients do everything with their heart and do the fine-tuning with their head. Hard to understand in theory, but it has been working.

    Yeah, you are right! It is better to lead with heart. On the other hand, you are known as the “CEO whisperer”, why is this term used to refer to you and where does it come from?

    It came from a marketing exec. I don't love it as it doesn't sound genuine, but what I think is relevant is my ability to synthesize information after conversations with business owners to distill their problem into something digestible and then solve for that simpler problem. That solution can then be systemized and applied company-wide to solve what appeared to be something complex.

    It is difficult sometimes for a leader or business owner to step away from a situation and look at a situation objectively. I help them do that.

    And what is the best tip you give to companies in order to accelerate their growth and increase revenue?

    It is different for every company. If it were the same for all, there would be no need for you to ask that question because it would have been written already. 

    In general though, there are only four main ways to grow your client base - are you opening a new market, getting them to switch from a similar product, creating a premium product or having your customer buy more/more often.

    Once you know that, you can figure out how to best communicate to them. I often help companies figure out who they are talking to - so that is an internal decision, then they work from a marketing perspective as to how to address that market.

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    There are also internal systems at work. My main role in a company is to facilitate communication channels, identifying where there are gaps in that communication. Often times, if there are communication gaps, there are unhappy employees and/or gaps in systems and processes as well that can be improved.

    As you have experience on that and have seen many different company cases, even though each company is different, would you say that there is something almost all companies do wrong but they are not aware of that?

    Not connecting company culture with results. If you have a good culture, clear/consistent messaging and happy employees you are better set up for success than most companies.

    Yes, that is true! And as you talked about communication, nowadays, email is one of the most important ways of doing it. How has Mailbutler helped you organise your email communication and not feel overwhelmed with lots of emails?

    I aim for inbox zero by the end of the day. I really like being able to schedule when a message comes back to me using the snooze feature. I time the return when I know I will be in the headspace to deal with the issue or be working on the project that is relevant to the information in that email.

    I also like the schedule feature that allows me to time my communication and also allows me to work when I want to work.

    We are so happy to hear that! It is fantastic how Mailbutler helps you improve your workflow. Thanks again for being here with us today, you gave us many interesting insights. I wish you all the best, Billy!


    Find more information about Billy Goldberg here: https://billygoldberg.com/


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