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Get read receipts on your emails in Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail

Track your emails: Mailbutler’s email tracker app for Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail gives you insights into when, where, and how many times your emails and links were opened. Compatible with Apple Mail’s Privacy Protection.


Be certain your email has arrived with real-time notifications

Mailbutler’s email open tracking for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail not only gives you read receipts and other important insights, but provides them in real time. This means as soon as your recipient opens your sent email or clicks on your included link, you’ll get a notification. Notifications are available on desktop or on our companion mobile app.

Email Tracking integrates directly into your inbox

An email inbox showing integration between the email client and Mailbutler's Email Tracking feature for Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook

Mailbutler’s email tracking software isn’t stand-alone. Email Tracking for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail fits right into your email client, directly alongside your inbox. This means there’s no need to learn any new software to track your emails, receive read receipts, and get insights into your messages – you can get started quickly and easily.

An email inbox showing integration between the email client and Mailbutler's Email Tracking feature for Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook

Get important insights into emails like when your message was opened

Mailbutler tracking insights

With Mailbutler’s Email Tracking software in Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail, you can get important information about all of your sent emails. See when and how often your emails were opened, and where your recipient was when they opened it, as well as which device they opened your message on. Moreover, those using an iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, Gmail or IMAP email address in Apple Mail can see precisely who has opened their emails and links using our unique Per-Recipient Tracking feature.

Enable Link Tracking to see when important links were clicked

Included an important link in your email? As well as checking when your emails were opened, you can see if and when your recipient opened any links included in your email, helping you to know when best to follow up. Most clients, such as Outlook, don’t have a link tracking feature – Mailbutler does!

Mailbutler tracking IP blacklisting

Only track the right emails

Email Tracking lets you exclude certain people from your tracked emails, meaning if they open your message or click your link, you won’t receive a notification or see any tracking details about that person. You can do this either by blacklisting an entire IP address from your tracked messages – such as your office’s IP address – or by excluding your Mailbutler collaborators from tracked emails. And, of course, you can exclude yourself, meaning you won’t affect the status of your own emails if you open them or click your own link.

Track emails from your mobile phone

Ensure that all your emails are tracked, even if you send them on the go. With Mailbutler’s Mobile Tracking, you can send tracked emails from your mobile phone and be confident all your messages are tracked wherever you are.

sending tracked emails from your mobile

Seamless integration with your current email client

Charlene Brown

Charlene Brown

Owner of Bklyn Custom Designs

Charlene uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

Charlene uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

With Email Tracking I can focus my energy on serving clients instead of chasing emails.
Samy-Félix Picard

Samy-Félix Picard

Founder of Brew's Immo

Samy-Félix uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

Samy-Félix uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

With Mailbutler I can see any emails which get sent to spam and therefore not opened and followed up.
David Stiernholm

David Stiernholm

Productivity Struktör, Coach and Writer

David uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

David uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

With Email Tracking I can rest assured my message was delivered.

Questions about Email Tracking

How does Email Tracking work?

When sending a tracked email, an invisible image (a so-called tracking pixel) is inserted and sent together with your email. As soon as the recipient of your email opens the message in their email application, the application automatically loads our tracking pixel.

To do this, a request must be sent to the web server which stores the invisible image. As the invisible tracking pixel is uniquely associated with your email, our web server can expect the email to have been opened, because only then the invisible image would have been requested.

Each time the tracking pixel is requested from our web server, Mailbutler stores the information about the request. This request then contains some information, such as the requester’s IP address, from which Mailbutler can derive the country of origin, as well as the email application used, the device, and the operating system.

Does Email Tracking still work with Apple Mail's Mail Privacy Protection in macOS Monterey?

Yes, Mailbutler’s Email Tracking software will still work with Mail Privacy Protection, introduced in the Apple Monterey update to better protect Apple Mail users’ privacy. You’ll still always be able to see if and when your email was opened by your recipient.

However, if the recipient is using the latest Apple Mail version and has Mail Privacy Protection enabled, location and device type information might be missing from the Email Tracking feature.

For a more technical explanation of how Mailbutler will work with Mail Privacy Protection, you can check out this blog post from our CTO & Co-Founder Fabian.

Is my data protected when my email is tracked using Mailbutler?

Yes – absolutely. Mailbutler is 100% compliant with all European data regulations (GDPR), and we take your privacy very seriously. Through Mailbutler’s Email Tracking feature, the sender obtains the information when the recipient opened the email. We only store the mail-ID, optionally the email’s meta information (subject, recipients) together with the corresponding opened date and time, device information, and the general location of the receiving device. We do not collect further data and we don’t access or store your email content. For more details, check our privacy policy.

Which clients can I use Mailbutler's Email Tracking with?

Email Tracking is a standard feature of Mailbutler, and is available for all three of the clients we serve: Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail. Even if your email client has read receipts as standard, Mailbutler’s Email Tracking is easier to use, totally integrated into your inbox, and gives you more detailed insights than your client’s native functionality!

Why should I use Mailbutler when Outlook already has read receipts?

It’s a good question – if your client already has a form of email tracking, why do you need Mailbutler? Well, Mailbutler’s Email Tracking for Outlook is far more powerful than Outlook email tracking! As stated on this page, it provides you with useful insights into when, where, and how often your email was opened. But that’s not all: Outlook’s read receipts function usually requires the recipient to agree to send you a read receipt. With Mailbutler, your recipient doesn’t have to confirm – you will simply get a notification when your email is opened. This is why Mailbutler for Outlook’s read receipts are better than Outlook’s own, native read receipts. Finally, Mailbutler also offers Link Tracking, which notifies you when a link is opened in one of your sent messages. No other client currently has this functionality! And all of this right at your fingertips, seamlessly integrated into your existing inbox, whether you’re using Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail.

How can I see exactly who opened my email or link?

For those using an iCloud, Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL or IMAP email account within Apple Mail, it is possible to see exactly who has opened your email or link. Mailbutler is able to show this with its innovative Per Recipient Tracking feature, which shows you specifically who has opened your message, even if your email was sent to multiple recipients. This feature is available on our Professional+ and Business plans.

Don’t worry about privacy. Mailbutler is 100% GDPR compliant

We take privacy seriously and never share your data with third parties. And because our servers are located in the EU, you can rest assured that your data is handled in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations.

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