6 Fun Facts About Emails That You Never Knew

Email has been one of the most popular tools of communication, especially in professional settings. You may use email every day, but how much do you know about it? In this post, we will give you 6 fun facts about email that you may not know. 1. The first email in the world The first… read more

4 Fail-Proof Ways to Start an Email and Why They Work

We all know the importance of having a good opening line in sales emails: it stirs up the readers’ interest and makes them curious about what you will offer. In this post, we will discuss 4 best ways to start an email and the psychology behind some of the most common fail-proof opening lines.  … read more

A Complete Guide on How to Create An Email Signature

Email signature is a must-have, as it helps create a lasting impression for you and your business. A good sign-off can be a make or break for your email. If you’ve just started with planning a new signature or you’ve never created one before, this post is perfect for you. Read our complete guide on how… read more

6 Important Email Marketing Trends You Need to Know

  2017 is going by quickly, and we see a constant shift in the styles and tactics of email marketing. What are some trends that email marketers should look forward to? Join us in reviewing these 6 important email marketing trends and what they will mean for your business.   1. Responsiveness for mobile viewing Did you know that 54%… read more

The Key To A Successful Sales Follow-Up Email

Sales Funnel à la Mailbutler Emails is essential to moving your leads down the sales funnel. However, as we have to send plenty of emails to different recipients, we end up wasting time type the same content over and over again, and most of the time, we forget to follow up. In this post, we… read more

Mailbutler Telegraph: Your News Source On The Internet.

We are excited to present to you our new project that we’ve been working on: Mailbutler Telegraph. Our main goal is simple and clear: to keep you informed. We’ll be your news source Mailbutler Telegraph will be a monthly newsletter subscription from us. In each issue, you’ll find the latest news on trending topics and events around the world. We’ll… read more

Emails Put In Order With Mailbutler Smart Mailboxes.

The new Mailbutler Smart Mailboxes are designed to neatly organize your Inbox. They include special folders that display tracked email messages and email messages you turned into tasks and notes. There’s now a smarter way to organise your inbox. Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and never ending tasks. Using Smart Mailboxes, you can easily go through all your… read more

New Horizons for Your Team With Mailbutler Business

Better. The Best. Business. We’re excited to present to you Mailbutler Business. The update contains a range of new features, and you can now take complete control over the email flow for your team. Here is the full list of what you can do with Mailbutler Business:   1. Advanced Tracking Tracking Details Learn when, where, how… read more

How to Create Email Template in Apple Mail

Composing emails is a routine, which too often involves repeating yourself over and over again. There is a simple solution for you: create email template and use it when you need. Mailbutler lets you save email as template in Apple Mail so that you get a head-start on oft-sent emails. Two steps to create email… read more