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Shimo VPN’s journey comes to an end

Announcing the end of Shimo VPN. Keep in mind that all Shimo licenses will remain active and usable. Read more here.

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    By Tobias

    After his studies in industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Tobias co-founded Mailbutler GmbH together with Fabian in 2015. In his free time, he spends most of his time in the garden and with his son Timo.

    Today, we have a significant announcement to share. Many of you know us as the creators of Mailbutler, a tool designed to boost your email experience. We're also the team behind Shimo VPN, a service many have trusted for secure online connections. In this update, we'll discuss some important changes to Shimo VPN and introduce you to the opportunities awaiting you with Mailbutler.

    Shimo VPN

    Shutdown of the Shimo VPN

    Our journey with Shimo VPN has been filled with learning and growth. However, after careful consideration, we've decided to discontinue Shimo VPN. This decision aligns with our larger vision of focusing on and expanding Mailbutler, our flagship product that has been increasingly embraced by users globally.

    We sincerely appreciate the trust and support you've placed in Shimo VPN over the years. As we pivot towards enhancing and growing Mailbutler, we're excited to offer you new tools and features that we believe will significantly improve your email management and productivity.

    Keep in mind that:

    • All Shimo licenses will stay active and the users will be still able to use Shimo
    • For support questions please get in touch with us at support@mailbutler.io

    What is Mailbutler?

    Mailbutler is an email extension that adds powerful features to your Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail inbox, designed to make email management more efficient and user-friendly.

    Key features of Mailbutler:

    • Email Tracking: This email tracker feature lets you see when, how often, and where your emails are opened, along with the device used.
    • Smart Send Later: Schedule your emails to send at a later time, or let Mailbutler choose the optimal sending time.
    • Email Signatures: Easily create and customize professional email signatures.
    • Tasks: Add automated tasks to your emails and contacts to stay organized.
    • Notes: Attach notes to your emails and contacts for better information management.
    • Email Templates: Save time by creating and using custom email templates.
    • Contacts Management: Gain insights into your contacts and manage them effectively.
    • Snooze Emails: Temporarily hide emails from your inbox for better focus.
    • Collaboration: Collaborate on notes, tasks, contacts, templates, and signatures with your team.
    • Smart Assistant: Mailbutler's Smart Assistant is an AI-powered email assistant to help with email writing, improving, summarizing, and task creation.
    • Email Tags: Organize your inbox efficiently using tagging for emails, notes, templates, signatures, and contacts.

    Client testimonials:

    Hollie Barac, Accountability and Productivity Partner: Mailbutler allows me to quickly identify which emails need action and what's still waiting to be opened. It’s revolutionized my inbox.


    Liviu Tanase, CEO of ZeroBounce: I love that Mailbutler integrates with various platforms. It's easy to add to your workflow no matter which app you use.


    Craig Bowman, President of Common Ground Consulting: As a beta user, I find Mailbutler's support team exceptionally helpful. Their personal touch sets them apart.


    Nick Kyriakides, Founder of NK Films: Using Mailbutler has enhanced my workflow and helped me connect more effectively with international clients.


    Support and guidance

    Dedicated Customer Support: Our customer support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the shutdown of the Shimo VPN website or need help adapting to Mailbutler, we're just an email away at support@mailbutler.io.

    Helpful Resources: We've made a list of resources on our website. These include step-by-step guides for using Mailbutler, tips on making the most of Mailbutler's features, and solutions to common queries.

    You can check them here:


    As we finish the chapter on Shimo VPN, we invite you to join us in the exciting journey ahead with Mailbutler. This isn't just about closing one door – it's about opening another to enhanced productivity and a better email experience.

    We're confident that once you experience the innovative features of Mailbutler, you'll see just how much it can transform your email management. We encourage you to sign up for a 14-day free trial and explore what Mailbutler can do for you.

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    Comment (1)

    1. You seem to be aiming this squarely at business users. I’m interested in some of the features for personal use. Do you see yourselves aiming to broaden Mailbutler’s appeal in this direction?

      I very much like what I’m seeing, except that I’m retired from full time employment and only involved as a volunteer board member in a couple of non-profits. The preponderance of business related settings, fields etc make me feel a little unwelcome, although I realize that this is where the revenue stream will come from.

      I’m a Brit living in the US these days. As they say around here, “just my 2 cents!”


      02 Jan 2024

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