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Mailbutler is here to stay with the next macOS Sonoma release!

Your trusted Apple Mail extension, Mailbutler, will continue to work with the upcoming macOS Sonoma release.

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    By Tobias

    After his studies in industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Tobias co-founded Mailbutler GmbH together with Fabian in 2015. In his free time, he spends most of his time in the garden and with his son Timo.

    We've got some news to share. Your trusted Apple Mail extension, Mailbutler, will continue to work with the upcoming macOS Sonoma release, which comes with extensive changes to Apple Mail extensions. Adapting to these changes is crucial to ensure Mailbutler continues to serve you seamlessly. Our team is actively working on this, ensuring every feature meets our high standards. To ensure a smooth experience, we kindly suggest postponing your update to macOS Sonoma for a short period. This will allow us to finalize our adjustments and ensure optimal compatibility.

    Your patience and trust are greatly appreciated. We'll keep you informed about the process, changes, and improvements in this blog post. You will receive an email and an in-app notification once we're fully compatible with the new OS.

    What’s changing with macOS Sonoma?

    Apple's upcoming macOS Sonoma release marks a turning point for most Apple Mail plugins, but not for Mailbutler. The tech giant has decided to discontinue support for external Apple Mail plugins, moving instead to what is referred to as "extensions" that utilize Apple's MailKit.

    This change has stirred quite a conversation in the developer community. You might be wondering, "What does this mean for me, as a Mailbutler user?"

    Minimal changes, maximum benefits

    We want to assure you that we've worked diligently to ensure the changes to your Mailbutler experience are as minimal as possible. While the transition necessitated some adjustments, we also seized the opportunity to improve Mailbutler in several areas that we believe will enhance your email experience.

    A standout improvement is the relocation of Mailbutler’s Sidebar. While the current Sidebar serves its purpose, we recognize that it could sometimes impede your reading experience. To solve this, we are introducing a floating Sidebar, allowing you greater control over its placement. Whether you prefer it right next to your Apple Mail inbox or to move it around - even to a second screen! - the choice is yours. This update aims to keep Mailbutler accessible when you need it and unobtrusive when you don’t. We're eager to hear your feedback on our new floating Sidebar.

    Tracking info

    We understand you rely heavily on certain core features, such as email tracking. These functionalities are integral to the Mailbutler experience you expect, and we've gone the extra mile to ensure that they remain intact.

    With the new changes in Apple Mail, we're adjusting how tracking info is displayed. Instead of the usual tracking check marks in the message list, we're working on ways to present them in Apple Mail’s message viewer. We’ll still provide you with all your tracking information in your Mailbutler Sidebar, right next to your email inbox, along with the Dashboard within your Sidebar. Here, you can continue to monitor the tracking status of your emails with the same level of precision and control that you've come to expect, using filters to quickly sort your emails and see all your tracking insights.

    Bear in mind that we’re currently still working on our Email Tracking feature, but rest assured it will function as normal once we’ve finished updating it.

    Transition complete!

    We're proud to inform you that our development team has skillfully navigated the transition to the specifications of macOS Sonoma and already found innovative ways to keep providing the core features you rely on, including:

    • Smart Assistant
    • Contacts
    • Notes
    • Tasks
    • Message Templates

    The only visible change you'll encounter is their relocation to our new and improved floating Sidebar.

    Our team is currently working on the features below, and we expect to complete the full transition very soon:

    • Email Tracking
    • Smart Send Later
    • Snooze
    • Signatures

    While the transition has necessitated some very minor changes to our features, we've ensured that the essence of what makes Mailbutler so valuable remains intact.

    Features that will no longer work

    Unfortunately, the changes to Apple Mail have meant that some of our smaller features are no longer possible. Two features which we’ll no longer be able to offer are:

    • Attachment Reminder
    • Avatar images in the email list

    Looking ahead

    We're incredibly proud of our team's ability to make these changes with only minor differences to our current feature set, reflecting our commitment to continuous innovation and user satisfaction.

    Mailbutler continues to be a leader in email communication technology, and we look forward to sharing further updates as we finalize this significant transition. As always, Mailbutler is here to stay, evolving and adapting to new platforms, always with your unique needs at the forefront.

    We sincerely thank you for your continued trust and invite you to reach out to our support team with any questions regarding these changes.

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