Mailbutler Smart Assistant early access

Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant

Early access

2023 is the year of AI! Mailbutler has introduced the early-access version of its AI-powered Smart Assistant for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail, to help you save even more time on your emails.

Mailbutler Smart Assistant early access

Smart Compose

Need to write an email quickly? With Mailbutler’s AI email assistant, you can provide a few keywords, and the Smart Assistant will draft an email for you. Then, you can insert it into your compose window and make any edits you need to.

Smart Respond

Sick of spending all your time responding to emails? Let Mailbutler do it for you! Simply enter a few keywords and the AI email assistant will generate a response for you. As with Smart Compose, you can insert it into your compose window in a click, and then make any necessary edits.

Smart Summarize

Mailbutler can instantly give you an overview of all pertinent details from an email. Simply click on the Summarize button, and Mailbutler’s email AI assistant will sum up the message for you so you know exactly what’s happening in your inbox at all times.

Smart Improve

Getting emails exactly right can be difficult. Thankfully, Mailbutler can help! Our AI mail assistant can improve the spelling and grammar of an email you’ve written. Simply click the button and get suggestions on how to improve your message.

Contact Finder

It can be easy to receive an email from someone and forget to add them as a contact, or simply not have time to save everyone’s contact information. Thankfully, Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant can do it for you! In just a few clicks, AI email assistant finds all relevant information about your contact and adds it to your Mailbutler Contacts feature. You can then manually edit any fields you need to and add other important fields and information.

Task Finder

Writing out lists of tasks from the emails you receive can be a bore – but no longer with Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant! Smart Assistant can scan your email and quickly give you a list of to-dos that need to be completed. You can then quickly add the relevant tasks to the Mailbutler Tasks feature, meaning you always have an overview of what needs to get done.


What is the Mailbutler Smart Assistant?

The Mailbutler Smart Assistant is an AI-powered email assistant. It can compose and respond to emails for you, summarize emails, find tasks and contact information from your messages, and improve your spelling and grammar, all in seconds.

How can I try out the Mailbutler Smart Assistant?

You can start testing the Smart Assistant in its early access version now! Bear in mind this version will still be in development, so some things may be incomplete or not work properly.

How does the Mailbutler Smart Assistant work?

The Mailbutler Smart Assistant uses an AI created by OpenAI. This is an artificial intelligence that ‘talks’ in a conversational way with the user. This is how we’re able to get the Smart Assistant to write comprehensible, accurate emails. Using it couldn’t be easier: in the Mailbutler Sidebar, in the Messages tab, you’ll see our little Smart Assistant button. When you’ve an email selected, simply click the button and tell the Smart Assistant what to do – compose, respond, improve, find tasks, or find contacts. This helps you save time and effort.

Which AI does the Mailbutler Smart Assistant use?

The Mailbutler Smart Assistant uses an AI which was created by OpenAI.

Which email platforms does the Smart Assistant work with?

The Mailbutler Smart Assistant works with the three most popular email clients: Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail.

Is the Mailbutler Smart Assistant free to use?

The early access release of the Smart Assistant which is happening in April will give all users the opportunity to test our new feature. This means you will need to be subscribed to a Mailbutler plan to use the feature. In June, the full version of the Smart Assistant will be included in the Professional+ and Business plans. However, you can try out all of Mailbutler’s features, including the Smart Assistant, with our 14-day free trial.

When will the Smart Assistant feature be released?

The full version of the Mailbutler Smart Assistant will be released in June. However, you can start testing the Smart Assistant in early access from April. Because the Smart Assistant won’t be in its final form in April, some features will still be in development and therefore might not work correctly.

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