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  • Cold emails, following up on leads, internal communication or even simple birthday wishes.
  • Shareable across organizations and teams
  • Tracking statistics per template
  • Available on Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail and Mobile (iOS/Android)
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What our customers say about us

Cyrille Jégu

Cyrille Jégu
Managing Director, 
ThrivinAsia Ltd

Mailbutler has been an integral part of my email management practice for the last couple of years now. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and full of useful features.

Jez Moore correct

Jez Moore 
Founder, The Azur Collection


Mailbutler has been the missing link in making my use of email as efficient as possible. It is logical, simple to use and my professional life is easier with it.

David Balensiefen

David Balensiefen
CEO, gridX GmbH

Now I can’t imagine to not have Mailbutler’s assistance every day. It makes a huge difference. It’s very helpful, and can be used just by everyone.

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Access from any client

Ever had the issue of working in a team with different email clients? Or perhaps you have your personal, work and student account all on different platforms? With Mailbutler you can store your templates in one place and access them on Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and your mobile device. The perfect solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Message templates graphic advanced
Message templates graphic

Centralized management for teams

Shared email templates are an integral solution for sales, customer support & PR departments as well as any other team sending the same emails again and again. Any changes made to a shared template take effect in real time for all users with access to that template. Company outreach made easy with Mailbutler.



Message Templates for Your Email Client

Message Templates is a Mailbutler feature that saves you valuable time when writing emails. It allows you to create fully customized email templates and access them in a few clicks from multiple email clients. Mailbutler users are able to store an unlimited number of email templates, share them across organizations & teams and look up performance metrics such as usage and open rates. 

Find out how you can use Message Templates in your email client by following the tabs above ➔


Message Templates for Outlook

Mailbutler makes using templates in Outlook hassle-free. Outlook users can easily insert saved templates from the compose window (be it their own or ones shared with them) without having to search for local files.

Message Templates for Outlook


How to use email templates in Outlook

See how to create email message templates that can be easily inserted when writing emails in Outlook.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Outlookmailbutler add-in for outlook
  2. Create a message template by following this guide
  3. Open Outlook and start composing a new message
  4. Click on the Mailbutler add-in iconMailbutler add-in for Outlook


  5. Select the template you would like to insert to your emailTemplates section in Outlook



Message Templates for Gmail

Mailbutler provides Gmail users the ability to share email templates with colleagues. And unlike Gmail’s restrictive template limit, Mailbutler users enjoy an unlimited number of templates accessible from multiple email accounts.

Gmail Message Templates


How to create and use email templates in Gmail

Find out how you can quickly and easily create message templates and insert them to your emails in Gmail by following the steps below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for GmailMailbutler chrome extension
  2. Create a message template by following this guide
  3. Go to your Gmail inbox
  4. To start an email with a message template, click on the dropdown menu button next to your compose button and choose a template


  5. To insert an email template from the compose window, click on the Message Template icon and select the desired template

Gmail inbox templates

Apple Mail

Email Templates for Apple Mail

Message templates become a seamless part of your Apple Mail interface and help you achieve a more efficient workflow. A much needed enhancement to Apple Mail’s capabilities.

Write faster with Templates

How to use Message Templates in Apple Mail

Learn how to create and insert message templates to your emails on Mac in a few easy steps.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Apple MailMailbutler downloads page
  2. Create a message template by following this guide
  3. Open Apple Mail
  4. To start an email with a message template, click on the dropdown menu button next to your compose button and choose a template
     Templates Mailbox screenshot
  5. To insert a email template after you've began composing your message, click on the Message Template button in the compose window
AppleMail Templates
iOS / Android

Message Templates on iOS & Android

Mailbutler Templates are also available on iOS and Android devices through Mailbutler's app for iOS and Android. Typing long emails with two thumbs can be tedious work. Message Templates make emailing on the go a zero-effort task and free up your time to focus on what matters.


How to use Message Templates in iOS and Android

See how you can use message templates when writing emails from your iPhone or Android device by following the steps below.

  1. Download the Mailbutler mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create a message template by following this guide
  3. Open the Mailbutler app
  4. Start to compose a new email by clicking on the airplane icon
  5. Click on the Message Template button {+} in the compose window and choose your desired template