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Coming soon: Organize your inbox with tags

Add tags to emails, contacts, templates, signatures, notes and tasks in Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail to quickly organize your inbox.

Stay on track with email tags

Email tagging is a great way to keep on top of messages in your inbox. In a couple of clicks, add a colored email tag with a title to your message so you know exactly what the message is: an invoice, a customer request, or some information from a team member. Never lose track of what’s what again.

Improve customer relationships with Contact Tags

Different customers have different needs. With Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail tags, you can label each of your individual contacts so you always know who’s who and maintain professional, personal relationships with your clients.

Stay on track with tags for Notes and Tasks

There are so many things to do every day, and staying on top of priorities and information can be difficult. With the Mailbutler Tags feature, you can quickly label all your tasks and notes, meaning you always know which tasks have the highest priority and which information is the most important.

Always have the right email for the right situation

Different email templates are necessary for different situations – but sometimes, if you have a lot of them, it can be difficult to find the one you need. Not any more! Simply add tags to your message templates with different titles and colors which you can quickly scan to find the appropriate message for any situation.

Tags on email signatures Tags on email signatures

Easily label your signatures

Your sign-off is important – it’s your brand, a chance to do some passive email marketing, and the easiest way for your recipient to find your contact information. By tagging your signatures, you ensure you can always find the right signature for the email you’re sending, making sure your sign-off is appropriate in every situation.

Manage your tags with ease

Need to quickly see which messages or items are which? Customize your tags with names and colors so you can get a quick overview of your inbox at a glance. Manage all your tags in one place in Account & Preferences.

Filter your tags

Need to find items with specific tags? Quickly sort and filter items by your tags in Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. In just a few clicks, get a complete list of all messages, contacts, signatures, templates, notes and tasks with that particular tag.

Nick Kyriakides

Nick Kyriakides

CEO & Founder NK Courses

Nick uses Mailbutler for Gmail

Nick uses Mailbutler for Gmail

The Tags feature has been brilliant for easily categorizing my emails into key labels.
Frans van der Geest

Frans van der Geest

Freelance Designer, Trainer in Adobe Software, Author of Dutch Books on InDesign

Frans uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

Frans uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

To organize and find emails, I use tags like "important", "read later", and "vacation reservations."
Carlos Flores

Carlos Flores

Customer Support Manager at Cloudbeds

Carlos uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

Carlos uses Mailbutler for Apple Mail

Tags allow me to quickly identify and address the most important customer inquiries.

Questions about Tags

When can I start using the Mailbutler Tags feature?

The Mailbutler Tags feature is upcoming, and will be included in the Mailbutler release in October. Users should start being able to use tags from the 4th October but remember: You might have to update your Mailbutler version in the week after the release before you see the new feature.

Can you put tags on emails?

With Mailbutler, yes! Putting tags on emails is easy: Simply open up Mailbutler in your Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail email inbox, select the email, contact, note or task you want to add a tag to, and click the tag button. From here, you can set a title and a color.

How to add an email tag in Outlook

Email tagging in Outlook is simple. First, simply open up the Mailbutler Sidebar. From here, you can add tags to emails, contacts, signatures, templates, notes and tasks.

How to tag an email in Gmail

Gmail email tagging is a breeze. Click the Mailbutler button to open up the Mailbutler Sidebar. From here, select the item you want to tag, click the tag button, and add a color and name. It’s as easy as that!

How do you tag emails in Apple Mail?

Tagging emails in Apple Mail couldn’t be easier with Mailbutler. Simply open up the Mailbutler Sidebar, select the item you want to tag, and hit the Tags button. Then you can add a name and a color so your inbox always remains organized.

What are the benefits of email tagging?

There are tonnes of benefits of tagging your emails! Tagging emails means you can quickly label messages so you know what content they contain or what action needs to be taken. Adding tags to contacts lets you easily see who’s who and what that particular customer or team member’s need is. Notes and tasks can be tagged for priority or theme so you stay on top of what needs to be done. And tagging templates and signatures means you can quickly find the right sign-off or email for any situation.

How do you tag emails on an iPhone or Android?

At the moment, tagging isn’t available for iOS or Android. However, we are looking into including the Tags feature in the Mailbutler mobile app, so stay tuned for that!

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