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Professional email signature examples (7 templates)

Need some inspiration for creating your new email signature? Mailbutler is here to help with some examples.

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    By Adam

    Adam Fout is a recovery/mental health blogger at and a speculative fiction/nonfiction writer. He has an M.A. in Professional and Technical Communication and is a regular contributor to Recovery Today Magazine.

    Email marketing is far from dead, but what many people don’t consider is that there’s another chance in every email you send to connect with your recipient and potentially move them to action — the professional email signature.

    When you create an email signature, you need a few basic ingredients:

    • Name
    • Phone
    • Website
    • Address
    • Social links

    These five pieces of information allow people reading your emails to connect with you in various ways — they can choose whatever is most comfortable for them.

    While it’s important to have this information in any email you send, it’s especially important to have it in marketing emails because it gives your recipient a way of connecting so that they can (hopefully) take action and turn into a customer.

    Here are 7 examples that you can use as email signature templates.

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    Drawing the eye

    When it comes to business email signature templates, you want to do one thing above all else — draw the eye.
    For email marketing campaigns, you’re going to be sending the email from a professional email account. While you’ll likely have a call to action at the end, like “click to contact us today” as a button, you want to have alternative ways for your readers to contact you.

    You need to draw the eye, and that’s what this email footnote template does. Through streamlined colors, a prominent photo, and large social media icons in different colors, this email signature quickly grabs attention, giving your readers another way to connect with you.

    Big and bold

    This signature for emails is big and bold, especially when it comes to the image. It draws the eye and shows readers that they’re not just receiving a marketing email from some random email address or bot — it’s from a real person.

    The rest of the signature takes up a lot of real estate, allowing your readers to quickly and easily read the contact information. The same can be said of the social media icons — the larger they are, the easier they are to click.

    Focus on the name

    Names carry weight, even when they don’t. If you’re well-known in your industry, a signature like this that highlights your name helps your emails to have more gravitas as readers will see that they’re not just coming from some random employee at your company.

    And if you’re not well-known in your industry, having your name prominent is still important. As you continue sending emails, people will start to remember your name, and yourpersonal brand will grow.

    Use this as a company email signature template so that all your employees and coworkers will have their names highlighted, helping everyone to see who is sending what.

    Simple and subtle

    Use this work signature email template when you’re trying to stay subtle. Not everyone wants to be big and bold. Maybe it’s your personality, or maybe it’s part of your brand.

    In either case, this email signature is simple, but also subtle, with smaller fonts and less color. The eye is drawn mostly to the photo, but also to the social media icons. If your goal is to get people to connect on social, this is the way to go.

    Icons for the win

    While it’s great to use letters to indicate your email address, phone number, website etc., icons can serve the same purpose (and are a little more fun).

    If you want to show off your design skills, you can even create your own icons. This is an especially good idea if you’re a professional designer.

    The logo

    You don’t always want to have your image on your email signature — sometimes your business logo is better. This email signature replaces the traditional personal photo with the business’ logo, which can remove some of the personalization out of the signature, but can look more professional.

    This can be especially important if you’re working for a large organization and your marketing emails need to be seen as coming from the organization itself, rather than an individual.

    Use Mailbutler to make beautiful, professional email signatures

    All of the email signatures in this blog post were created with Mailbutler. Mailbutler allows you to quickly and easily create a professional email signature in a wide variety of formats, using customizable templates to do so.

    But Mailbutler does more than that. It can track any email you send, allow you to schedule emails, and more, all from your preferred email client.

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