5 reasons a professional email signature can do wonders for your business

Email signatures are a powerful way to convey professionalism and increase brand recognition. Learn how they can benefit your business.

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    By James

    James has five years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Nowadays, digital communication is full of noise and distraction. In a world of busy social media and short attention spans, you need a way of breaking through the chaos and reaching your client so you can close that deal or chase up that lead.

    Although there are so many forms of communication, email remains the most direct and reliable way to catch the full attention of your recipient. Every single day, countless emails are sent directly to valuable business contacts: customers, prospects, vendors, partners, investors – the list goes on.

    But how can you increase the effectiveness of your email game? How can you relatively quickly improve the conversion rates on your emails, look more professional, and increase brand awareness all at the same time? Simple. Add an email signature. Email signatures are one of the easiest ways of improving your emails, and they take no time to set up. Let’s get into the details of why they’re so good for your email marketing campagins.

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    1. Email signatures look professional

    Imagine writing a plain text, unsolicited email with a simple first name sign-off, asking to connect. Now, imagine writing the same email, but ending with a signoff that shows a picture of you or a company logo, with your company’s brand colours, and contact details, all contained in a beautifully designed signature?

    It’s easy to see which one looks more professional and is more likely to convince your recipient to work with you. Emails that end with a proper signature simply looks more professional and trustworthy. Signatures show your recipient you have put time and effort in to provide helpful contact information and useful links. Most importantly, they can verify your identity based on the information you have provided.

    2. Email signatures make it easier for people to contact you

    Email signatures aren’t just there to look pretty. They also contain important information – your contact details! Signatures can include a telephone number, an email address, and even a work address, if you need it to. (Just remember to be careful sending out addresses to strangers when cold emailing – better safe than sorry.)

    Including your contact options makes it easier for people to contact you – obviously! For lead and client changing, this is essential, as it means they have an easy way to talk to you. When cold emailing it’s even better, as your recipient has all the information they need about you straight off the bat. And more banally, it’s easy to forget to provide your phone number in an email, and with a signature, you never have that problem. Just make sure the information you provide is always up to date!

    3. Email signatures can bring you new followers on social media

    Aside from your contact details, it’s essential that you link to your company’s social media accounts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – wherever your company has a social media presence your signature should link. People love to go to their favourite brands’ social media profiles and drop a like, follow you for latest updates, or share your latest news – and it’s also a great way to find new customers and leads.

    4. Email signatures make your brand and logo recognizable

    Email signatures are a great branding tool for your company, and it could be one of the first pieces of company branding a fresh lead sees – so make sure your email signature is good quality! Adding your company logo to your email signature is a must, as well as your company colours, but make sure there’s also a picture of you if possible – a personalised touch and actually having an idea of with whom your talking is always nice.

    Branding in personal emails (rather than distanced newsletters or advertisements) is really effective. Email recipients actively engage with your email in a way they might not with other mediums, so making sure your email signature makes it clear who you work for is critical.

    5. Email signatures show your personality

    Last, but not least: an email signature is your personal digital business card, which demonstrates your professionalism and your personality at the same time. You have a lot of latitude in choosing the design that fits you the most, and you can be as creative as you want while making it. Colours, fonts, sizes, layout, images – all of these are at your fingertips when creating an email signature, and they are all important design components to make you and your company stand out.

    Companies are trying to get closer to customers by engaging with them on a personal level — and email signatures definitely do wonders. Simply adding a headshot of yours in your signature will instantly give any cold sales email a friendlier, more trustworthy image. Having your company colours is great for branding, and using a specific font can be a way of subtly showing your personality. Be creative, but professional, and watch the new clients come rolling in!

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    With our easy-to-use templates and highly customizable signature builder, you can configure photos, images, text and colors to define your own style. Whether it be a professional-looking signature for business emails or a friendly one for casual letters, we make sure you can create your own unique email signature in moments.

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